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RE: Finally ready: STEEMITGOLDMINER : Delegate and earn upvotes by playing games!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Understandable that this will keep you away from the site. But running the sites costs us money. And we thought it was a smart way to pay for the upkeep. All the extras we earn by using your computing power is being used to power up steemitgoldminer. Meaning higher upvotes for everyone who plays. We also made sure that it is known to everyone who uses the site. The games by itself are not very heavy therefore the small % of computing power we utilize should not affect you at all.


It's a very smart strategy, I think JSE should probably alter their pop up to inform people how harmless the mining is. I've edited my comment after looking into this some more.

I don't see how running a website like that would cost you any money ... You didn't do the flash games, they are free...

1 domain ~ $10
1 http web server with about ~100MB hosting (I'm generous), about 2$ per month

It's true it's not heavy though, compared to the miner DMania had used on their website (without notice). This one doesn't even make my computer fans turn on.

Personally I'm fine with you doing this for profit as long as it's announced on the website first visit like that. Do you have any idea of the returns of such mining solutions?

You are a bit on the cheap side with the costs. But I forgive you as you don’t know what we got and I don’t feel comfortable sharing our numbers on here. But not all the games are free. Some actually costs us money and the money we earn will go to either powering up or getting more premium games. Those premium games cost a lot of money. Some of the games can go from 20$ to 2000$

At the moment we are unable to see the potential of this miner in the background. As it is hard to see how long a average person stays on the site and to guess is not something I enjoy doing. It could be we lower to miner eventually, or remove it completely.

Ty for your concerns.

Hey mazzle, the returns for the mining solution are practicly cents atm considerd we let it run a month or so. I'ts very experimental. You could check out their website they are doing an ICO atm