That would be alot of upvotes Iguess, It depends on several factors aswell as the steemprice :). If you make lesser posts you might receive bigger upvotes ofcourse. At the moment it is experimental and I will keep people up to date and post examples :)

OK...ok... Let me know... I want know how it go ...ok ?

The more SP we get the more and higher we can upvote ofcourse. Remember if you sell your vote you proabbly get less + playing games and getting upvotes will make sure your reputation goes up aswell, aswell as your following. In the near future we are expanding the website with more games, also bigger games, a casino and several other rthings. We are thinking about letting sp-delegators share in revenue aswell as rewarding them with SMT-tokens. SO it will defenitly be worth it. Also if you play only a few games. In the end of the week you will receive a bigger upvote on your gameposts so it will be in balance. For now we need delegations and sponsors so we can balance out the rewards. :) Feel free to try already, meaby with what you are willign to delegate :)

I go and look... and think ... then I see what happens .

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