Sunday Brunch - Guilty Pleasures ☕️🍹🍰🍦

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Happy Sunday and Happy September! Today is Sept 1st, we’re stepping in my favorite month of the year. The foliage season is around the corner. Photographer’s Paradise!

I am starting the month with a post of today’s breakfast - actually brunch, at 11 am. We went to an amazing Argentinian bakery. The pictures I took speak for themselves. Well... My rule is that I can indulge on Sundays only. One meal only. So here it is.

The menu is in Spanish and I don’t remember all the words. It is a ham, eggs and cheese pastry called tarta. Tart or maybe pie. Coffee is double shot cappuccino. Sorry ... I took a few sips before I took the pic. 😉


Look at this Tarta! I didn’t realize it was so big. It cost only $4, but it was very filling, I couldn’t even finish it.


Laughing like crazy 😜 ... am I gonna get sick eating this? I DID NOT!!!!


My daughter’s coffee is still intact ... foamy and cinnamony...


Look at this funny picture. I am really ecstatic 😂😄🤣


You can certainly tell how much I enjoyed my coffee...


I hope I put a smile on your face and I didn’t make you too hungry. Promise to post more often starting with today! Enjoy your Sunday!


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I feel like I need cinnamon coffee right now after reading your post. :)

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Thank you, I will check it out 😊

Oh wow how that looks so yummy! How have u been otherwise.

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Thanks, I am ok, still here, posting, trying to keep up with all my marketing efforts. Nice to see you again sweety.

Oh that looks delicious!

Tell me about it. I already want to go back there. 😉

Hahaha, I can see the reason for your happiness my friend.
That big tart looks yummy and the coffee is also good.

It is toooo obvious... ha ha that picture is hilarious 😂

Propitious day to get out of the ritual and taste something different from the other days.