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I have useless steem leases. The delegators make their money while I can't do anything with their SP.

At least they're consistent. Consistently awful. They should hire someone to manage PR and let the users know what's happening.


No, not PR! They should hire some good coders (first). GUI also needs a facelift.


The coders are fine. What they really need is a testing team that will test the code on a test net before deploying to live.

This is the standard way of doing things. You don't just put your untested code in the live environment and just hope it all works out. Get it onto the testbed and ask people to try to break it. If it's working fine then move it to live. Major fail Whale.

Yes very bad

Seems like this is the final nail in the coffin. All hope is lost.

They should not, everyone eyes are on them now

STINC is bent on destroying this platform. Things are becoming hopeless here. Resource credit and voting mana has destroyed this platform.

We need mana to fight the cave trolls with fireballs and magic missiles!

Just testing to see how much MANA I use by commenting.


22 billion and 3 billion for a vote. Who the fuck came up with this system?

I now believe they just do not care anymore.

100% RC finally can use Steem again. Let's see how long this last lol!

Dear Bernie, please help us to remove this shit fork and let this community comments without limit or pay, you are the only person who help plancton like us!

And despite their best efforts, some of us are still here,...