Why You Should Encourage Kids To Do Hobbies

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Some teachers and parents might have the perspective that having hobbies at a young age can dissuade youngsters from focusing on their academics. My outlook on this subject is somewhat different however, I believe that having a hobby or two allows a child to become a well-rounded person; someone who learns to cope with the balance of work and leisure. In fact, having a hobby as an outlet to blow off some steam, collect yourself and enjoy life -  this is an ideal way to prepare your mind for academic challenges. 

Research has shown that children having a constructive hobby are more focused and attentive towards their academics. They grow up to be a better personality. - https://www.myprivatetutor.com/blog/advantages-encouraging-kids-hobbies

Students need a revitalizing break from the demanding schedules that the learning curriculum places upon them. Hobbies are a perfect way to relax and reset one’s self after a tedious day of mind boggling studies. Hobbies, no matter what kind, encourage healthy brain activity and have great benefits on mental (and often physical) health.

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Five Reasons Why Children Should Have Hobbies

1. They help to release and cope with stress.

It’s not only adults who experience the pressure and stresses of the world. Our kids have a long day at school and just like us, have to meet project deadlines, prepare for tests and engage in social demands. They NEED something of their own liking that helps their mind relax and allows them to partake in something that the enjoy, that they can make their own.

2. Hobbies open up opportunities to bond and socialize with like-minded people.

Whether your hobby is done as a group activity or in the confines of your own room, it makes way for topics of conversation and enthusiastic socializing. Kids have something to talk about to their peers and if they participate their hobby within a group, they can have comfort knowing that they are surrounded by people who have a similar enjoyment and outlook as they do.

3. A hobby can improve one’s health.

It really can! It offers the chance to trigger a good mood, help’s practice patience and concentration and sparks enthusiasm. Hobbies that encourage movement can have a positive effect on one’s physical and mental health, while other less active hobbies can allow a little body to relax and stimulate the mind’s creativity and or logic. 

4. Hobbies help you feel unique.

Kids are often grouped into large classrooms, where their sense of self has the potential to lose itself in the crowd. Hobbies give rise to the opportunity for young ones to participate in something that they relate to, that they enjoy – something that helps define who they are. Having a good sense of self gives children one less thing to worry about, leaving room to focus on their education in confidence.

5. A past time or hobby helps students to refocus on their studies.

Everyone needs something that re-energizes them, kids included. Studying can get extremely monotonous, which is dangerous in that it can cause a dislike for learning new things. A simple hobby or pastime like reading, running, crafting, fishing – you name it – can make you feel ready for the next challenges, it’s almost like it has the ability to re-charge your mind!


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As a side not, but non-the-less very important: parents and teachers need to remember that for a hobby to have a full positive effect, they need to be the child’s own. That is, often we persuade our kids to indulge in hobbies that take our interest, not necessarily theirs.

There is a generation gap between kids and their parents. So, it is natural that the passions and interests are different from one another. Parents should not burden their kids to do anything without the kids will otherwise it would not remain their hobby anymore. Hobbies are thrilling and entertaining for the children. The parent should help their kids to pursue further what they can do best other than education through a hobby. This encouragement will exploit their talent and develop new skills which will finally lead to expertise. -https://www.myprivatetutor.com/blog/advantages-encouraging-kids-hobbies


Source Link: https://www.myprivatetutor.com/blog/advantages-encouraging-kids-hobbies


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Reading this post was almost like listening to beautiful music for me. :)

And it also remind me of an episode when i was young.
A friend of me collected stamps. At first i had no interest in this.
But he was so passionate about it and full of energy every time he wanted to show me the new stamps he got, that i slowly started to develop a interest for it my self.(even if i only collected for about a year before i gave up that interest)
But it still learned me a lot.
This kid was usually not a passionate boy, but i saw how he shined when he was in his "stamp world" and that again effected me.

And when i started to collect stamps too, i learned directly a lot from the stamps them self.
Because every time i got a new stamp, i wanted to know about the things it was on the picture of the stamp.
So if it was a picture of a animal, i would read about that animal, find out where that animal lived and so on.
If it was a picture of a famous person, i would read about who that person was and so on.
And when i got a stamp from another country i did not know about, the first thing i would do, was to find my atlas and see where that country was..

And i believe that children will remember the knowledge they want to know about much better then the knowledge they kind of are forced to try to remember. :)


I think it was wonderful of you to support your friend! Showing interest in someone else's hobbies and interest is so important in building relationships, and like you said, that's how we learn!

This was a great article!! I've been discovering my son's and daughter's hobbies are very different and sometimes finding a good balance between the two can be a challenge, but learning how to more everyday! :)


Wow I never though of that, having children with different interest must be quite a challenge, especially when it is important to make time for yourself somewhere in the mix too!

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals - that is, goals that do not inspire them. Tony Robbins

Very nice post @sweetpea!!


You are always so kind :)

This is actually an awesome post. Ive actaully seen how better rounded people are if they took up sport or music when very young. They have the ablity to adapt better and eve though it might not always be the case I believe it gives them the skills to cope with life better .


Thank you @fates for your positive feedback! You are very right, it's SO health to learn how to move smoothly between things that are classified as work and then your free time (hobbies).