Pencil Grip: Right or Wrong

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How do you hold your pencil?

I was reading an article about different writing styles yesterday and then I saw a picture of the writer holding there pen...

From a remedial point of view he/she was holding it totally wrong. I couldn't copy the picture due to it being copyrighted so I had to browse the internet to search for another, similar picture:

What do you think?

Somewhere in this adults development he/she wasn't taught correctly or ... I can think of so many other possibilities but decided to focus on the development of a proper pencil grip.

Let's start at the beginning.

Just like all developmental aspects pencil grip development also has different stages of development.


It is important that children go through these various stages because it also show how far there fine motor development is progressing. This means that there is a very important correlation between fine motor development and pencil grip. If a child's fine motor development isn't developed enough they will not be able to hold the pencil correctly.

How can you as a teacher/mother assist in the development of fine motor skills?
*Use clothespins too paint; to sort items.

*Play with clay. (Roll the clay, make small balls etc.)

*Use elasticbands to strenghten your fingers.

*Do finger aerobics. (The kids always enjoy this.)

*Do a lot of cutting exercises.

There is a vast majority of ideas and exercises you can use, these are only the few that I focus on in my Pre-K and Kindergarten class as well as when I have my Special-Ed kids.

After you have developed the fine motor skills you can focus on how the child is holding his/her pencil. We teach our little ones a rhyme. Just remember, teach the rhyme that works for the group you have in front of you.

Here is an idea of a rhyme I found on the internet.

The one I use for my pre-k and kindergarten class differs from the one I use for my Special-Ed kids, but they all work the same. You use the one that suits your group!

REMEMBER: It is not impossible to fix a pencil grip when a child is older. It might take a bit longer but IT IS POSSIBLE.

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I agree that it is important to help kida develop good fine motor skills. I do not think that there is only one correct way to hold a pencil. There are many ways that are not good but also at least a few that works well. No reason not to teach only one though. Thanks for a nice post.

Thank you @fanstaf. I am definitely going to do more research and find the various correct pencil grips and add it to this post.

I never gave too much thought for this. But now that I'm thinking, I believe that anyone can hold the pencil how they feel comfortable and this is the right way to hold the pencil. Me, for example, as a right hander, I'll hold the pencil a little bit inclined to the right, while my wife, being a left hander, she'll keep the pencil bent over to the left. So I believe it's truly a matter of choice and comfort!

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I hold my pencil "wrong" and I wish someone would have worked with me when I was little to correct it. I have tire out easily and have some arthritis in my middle finger due to my grip. I definitely watch how my kids are holding their pencils. You don't know when you are 7 years old how it will affect you later.

I'm a repentant (but not reformed) thumb tucker.


Thanxs @beriberi for replying. I was also taught wrong. I think that is why this is such an important part of teaching for me. I do the thumb wrap when I don't concentrate and focus on my pencil grip. When I decided to become a teacher I had to re-teach myself because I can't try to teach the children the correct pencil grip if I don't do it properly.

@adriancazacu when the little ones don't have the proper pencil grip their hands tire out very quickly and they can't complete there tasks. That is why some/most of the teachers will always remind the learners to hold their pencils in the correct manner. This way they won't tire out that quickly.

I agree and disagree with your comment. I agree that a good teacher notices when a kid is struggling, and provides alternative methods to help the "little one" succeed. But inferring that every kid that doesnt hold his pencil the "right way" tires more quickly is incredibly misleading.

So I know people are probably reading this comment and saying to themselves... Dang, settle down sir... Its not that big of a deal... To those people, I will leave y'all with this:

The most brilliant men and women throughout history do not do everything the same way as everyone else. If they did, innovation would cease to exist, and people like Einstein, Curie, Newton, Shakespere & Tesla alike would never be celebrated today.

It is the differences and unique traits of individual people that strengthen society and lead to advancements, not similarities. So if a kid looks, writes, speaks, or thinks differently he is should be celebrated and encouraged rather then encouraged to conform. Who knows. . Maybe he will figure out a better and mkre efficient way to write.. There are enough "yes men" in the world today already. We need more people willing to pursue original concepts, thoughts, techniques, and ideas.

I agree, I am the only one out of my family that holds a pencil the "right way" yet I have the worst handwriting (except for my cursive, which isnt even taught in most schools anymore). It should be remembered that every person's body is different, so I would think that different people would feel more comfortable and in turn be more proficient writers if they found what worked best for them. While this may be the most common way to hold a writing untensil, kids should be encouraged (as in any subject) to find their own technique that works best for them.

I loved this topic , useful since i have a little girl still ee try with her.

Thanks @tanyaschutte

Thank you @marwa. I was wondering about posting this article and now you just reassured me that this was the right choice.

With love @tanyaschutte

It was and keep posting the educational stuff , the community should have all kinds of topics to be useful for everyone and to richness the female contribution as well here. Right ! 🤗

Very nice post -

Thank you @anneke.