Earth Science: The Triceratops

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My son is a big inspiration for all my steemit post, and today is not an exception.
We began watching The Dinosaur Train on Netflix and in the light of all the dinosaur interest in our house, this was an amazing discovery. I then thought why not make my own series of paleontology, and focus on dinosaurs.

The triceratops.

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The triceratops was a rhinoceros-like dinosaur. They walked on four legs and are known for their three horns on their face as well as a large bony plate projecting from the back of its skull. The bony plate is also known as the frill.

They used their three horns for mating rivalry and rituals. Their skull was very large, they estimate that the skull was about 10 feet / 3m long. This makes it one of the largest skulls of any land animal ever discovered.

The triceratops hatched from egg and ate plants. They where herbivores.


The triceratops lived in the Cretaceuos period about 72 to 65 million years ago, to about the end of the Mesozoic age. They had intermediate intelligence and they also herded with their kind.

Art activity

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You will need the following

  1. Cup cake paperholders
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Empty egg cartons
  4. Paint


  1. Fold the cup cake paperholders in half to create the skull of the triceratops.
  2. Paint your egg cartons the same colors as the skull.
  3. Use the pipe cleaners to make the horns of the triceratops.
  4. Paste some eyes on the egg cartons.
  5. Have some fun!!

Video about the triceratops

Video Soruce

Video from the Dinosaur Train about the Triceratops

Video Source

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