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Efforts to facilitate understanding of the study and scope of learning methodologies, should first be properly understood about didactic, motodic (methodological) understanding, methods, approaches, techniques, and learning strategies.

For this reason, here I describe briefly these terms.

1- Didactics

The term didactic is based on the Greek language, which has the meaning of teaching and didactic, means teaching.

Didactics is a theory of teaching, and in a wider sense, a theory and practical application of teaching and learning. In demarcation from "mathetics" (the science of learning), didactics refers only to the science of teaching. This theory might be contrasted with open learning, also known as experiential learning, in which people can learn by themselves, in an unstructured manner, on topics of interest.wikipedia

Thus the word Didactics basically has an understanding, namely the science that talks about procedures to deliver teaching materials to students with didactic principles so that students can master something that teaches.

In other words didaktika also contains an understanding of teaching science that must be mastered by the teacher and the learning procedures of students. The word didaktika also contains two core activities in learning, namely; the first is the teaching activity carried out by the teacher and the learning activities undertaken by the students.

Motivation has been considered as one of the most important reasons that inspires a person to move forward. wikipedia

The basic principles that are often raised are motivation, activity, demonstration, individuality, apperception, environment, correlation, and concentration or integration. So the teaching activities carried out by the teacher must be based on the principle of the right practice so that it can facilitate the learning of students accurately.

Didactics are generally divided into two dimensions, namely; general didactic and special didactic. First, the general didactic dimension gives general principles relating to the presentation of lesson material (i.e. motivation, demonstration, etc.) so that students can master it.

Didactics are generally divided into two dimensions, namely; general didactic and special didactic. First, the general didactic dimension gives general principles relating to the presentation of lesson material (i.e. motivation, demonstration, etc.) so that students can master it.

The principle applies equally to all subjects both subject areas such as science, natural sciences, humanities, anthropology, psychology, and other fields of science.

Social and economic inequalities are to be arranged so that (a) they are to be of the greatest benefit to the least-advantaged members of society, consistent with the just savings principle. The Two Principles of Justice - wikipedia

Second, didactic specifically talks about how to teach certain subjects where the didactic principle is commonly used. Special didactics are used by teachers to teach certain subjects, which means that each subject has its own characteristics, different from other subjects. For example ethics subjects are different ways of teaching with subjects in religion, mathematics and biology, as well as ways of learning.

2- Methodics

The methodic term comes from Greek, namely metha means through and hodos means road or method.

Cartesian doubt is a systematic process of being skeptical about (or doubting) the truth of one's beliefs, which has become a characteristic method in philosophy. wikipedia

Methodic means the way or way that must be passed to achieve certain goals.

in other words; methodology is, the knowledge of the ways that must be passed in the learning process in order to achieve learning goals. For example; method of reading, methodology of calculation, and method of writing and so on.

Based on this understanding can be understood in essence motodik is a branch of science that is related to the procedures used in the learning process to achieve the expected goals.

Similar to didactics, the method is also seen from two dimensions, namely; first, the general method of discussing how to teach in each subject in general, such as: how to teach Religion, Language, History, Natural Sciences and so on. In that science various teaching methods are discussed which can be used by educators in learning activities. Second, the specific method of discussing how to present certain learning materials to certain students.

An important matter needs to be understood that there is a relationship between didactics and methodology. The relationship is found in the readiness of teachers during teaching and learning activities. If it is formulated, the didactic moves in a circle of learning material while the lesson is in progress. While the method moves in the circle the provision of roads or tactics to be taken.

The learning process will be carried out effectively, of course, it must begin with determining the right teaching method and planning learning activities that are relevant to the method, so as to help students carry out learning activities in accordance with the learning activities planned in the learning program.


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