Lego Meets Maths: Tons Of Learning Fun!

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Lego is probably one of the most versatile play things every invented. Kids have been known to spend hours constructing all sorts of things with these colourful blocks, which really is a wonderful play time activity for them, since it helps to build logic and problem-solving skills. But did you know that you can take Lego blocks to a whole new level of learning while having fun? These nifty pieces of connecting plastic are excellent when it comes to teaching maths and counting to kids of all ages!

You can use them to teach numbers, as counters for number games and they can even be used to teach addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and even fractions.


Teaching Numbers:

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In this activity pre-schoolers are taught to count not by simply remembering the sequence of numbers, but the are encourage to actually learn how many of something makes up 1, 2, 3 etc. The activity requires a sheet of paper where the can add and connect the required amount of Lego blocks to each indicated number.

Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication:

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Image Source

Lego blocks make super counters, not only can they be connected to make number towers that give kids a could idea of what is “less or greater than”, you can also use the little rings (inserts) on the blocks for math games and activities.


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Can you believe it, these very basic play things can even be used to teach fractions! Use them as visual aids to explain fractions and plan fun lessons where kids can integrate the toys into worksheets they need to complete. 

While Mathematics is one of the more tedious and harder subjects to wrap your head around (for the most part), it doesn’t all have to be theory and numbers scribbled on to the board. As teachers we often default to age-old teaching methods because they are safe and we are used to them, but don’t feel intimidated by the idea of adding a little fun to your maths lessons, I can assure you that you will have the attention of your students this way!

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This is great....I love this. My kids would prefer to use this than going through the normal learning process.
Love Lego too.

Thanks and cheers

Lego is probably one of the most versatile play things every invented

I think the same mate! Who has not play with Legos at least once in his life?

And using Legos to teach math will surely bring better result than using other more boring methods.

PS: yesterday when watching Apple WWDC, Lego made a demonstration of what type of games they are building using Augmented Reality, it was awesome, this company clearly knows how to stay relevant and adapt to modern times.