Immorality with Nanotechnology | Good or Bad? | Hypothetical Technology

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We could be as close as 40 years to Nanotechnology. 

Once the Nanobots are in our system we can expect a drastic increase of health.

These little robots would travel through our body searching and fixing damaged cells and organs, permanently wiping all diseases in our bodies, they can even back up our brain, this would save us from things such as head trauma and even memory loss. 

The Nanobots would constantly be fixing your cells so we would never get older and virtually be immortal and once we can replace our biological blood with Nanobots cuts, burns and broken bones would regenerate instantly, even limbs could regrow.

Some people are already using Nanotechnology to kill late stage cancer cells, and studies show that they can do it successfully without damaging healthy cells.  

The Bad

Not everyone could afford this, but even just the small amount of people that could get it and this number will grow over time, overpopulation will be a very big problem, unless we have colonized other planets.

What if someone could hack these bots, they could kill anyone.


I believe if everything works out perfect and we could colonize other planets Nanobots could be a good things as long as it is not used for sinister purposes 


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