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Learn, because science will adorn the experts,
he excellence, he is also a sign of all praise.
Look for science, so that every day can be extra,
and swim, in the middle of the ocean of knowledge.
Learn fiqih, he is the superior commander
towards goodness and piety,
and he is justly fair.
He is the science of guidance to the path of hidayah,
he is the savior of all disasters.
A wira'i faqih, is more serious
demons tease him
compared to abid one thousand.
The significance of this last stanza, according to Imam Al-Ghazali, corresponds to the hadith of the Prophet narrated by Iman Tirmizi and Ibn Majah from Ibn ibn Abbas ra. Imam Al Mawaridi in adabud Dunya wad Din also narrated the hadith which contained the contents of this stanza, as narrated by Imam Darruqutni and Al Baihaqi from sanad Abu Hurairah ra, namely:
which means: (There is no sacrifice of Allah's presence which is superior to the Fiqh of Religion, that a fiqih is harder for the devil to seduce him than a thousand abid people, that everything has a pole, while the pole of religion is fiqih).
Furthermore, this hadeeth shows that science and jurisprudence is one of the strong penagkal against the temptation of syetan, hence the jurisprudence is the pillar of religion.

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