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So today I want to talk a little bit about Mazarin chandeliers. While most people view chandeliers as chandeliers, for people like me, dealers, and antiques enthusiasts, chandeliers come in many different forms, styles and shapes.

Mazarin chandeliers are especially luxurious, as they are usually gold or gilt plated. The main characteristics are the heavy cast body, angular arms and heads of cherubs and animals.

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The image above is a fantastic example of a Mazarin chandelier. It has the large, bulky shape, with the angular arms. Some chandeliers have very straight, or rounded arms. This chandelier in particular is cast in brass, and then has an ormolu layer. Ormolu is a very old technique of plating metal items with mercury. The layer of gold is mixed with mercury, called an amalgam. The item is then placed in a kiln, baked, and the mercury evaporates, leaving the gold layer.

This is a dangerous technique, and many workers in the industry would die of mercury poisoning. This has generally been replaced by the electroplating method, where gold is laid onto other metals, and an electric current is used to evaporate the other ions left, leaving the gold on the other metal.

SOLD 700 x 700 R17100 incl vat.JPG

SOLD 900 x 650 R28050 incl vat (5).JPG

SOLD 900 x 650 R28050 incl vat (3).JPG

SOLD 900 x 650 R28050 incl vat (4).JPG

See the ram's heads and angelic faces on these lights? Typical Mazarin style. Mazarin also has its roots in Empire style or new wave Neoclassicism.

Not much is known about Mazarins, but they are attributed to Andre-Charles Boulle, a French furniture designer from the 1600's. He was known as the le joailler du meuble or the "marquetry jeweller" - Wikipedia.

Boulle was so good at his work as an inlayer (a method whereby different materials such as wood, mother of pearl etc were laid into other woods) that there is now a certain style of French furniture named after him


A Room with Mainly Boulle Designed Furniture - source

A Clock by Boulle - source

I hope you have learnt a little about Mazarin chandeliers today! Please feel free to ask whatever you like in the comments


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I am learning so much from your posts, if I ever walk into a shop like yours here I may be able to fool them that I know what I am looking at LOL

Hi dear princess,
Your love for royal and emperor favourite antique items is very unique, we not only learned about Mazarin chandeliers but their tradition, their body, their heads of cherubs, amalgation process, mercury quoting some bad memories of mercury
making, art, their metals, The Empire look and so many things some chandeliers are very beautiful I liked most the Boulle Clock and just feel the beauty of Boulle designed furniture I mean it's wow.
My eyes are still open haha after seeing the beauty they all are masterpiece and your love for this is pious and very gentle with kindle.
The best part you put some very rare and authentic description it's lovely.
Good day dear Mam.

A caption for this is :
CHANDELIER a Royal Thing..

Wow!! Stunning , love the angelic details .