Building Teacher Competition in Mastering Technology By Following Microsoft Certified Educators

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In a very short period of time, without realizing it, technology will always develop and enter into the space of our lives. What's more with technology that will enter the world of education. In our view of life, technology involves two sides of the color between black and white. Under certain conditions technology can have a good or otherwise impact. Technology can be an opportunity or pressure to support the learning process in the classroom.

There are many problems that will arise in our environment about how we respond to the presence of technology. For example, there are parents and teachers who sometimes have concerns when using digital tools during learning. We can say this as a form of negative response from society towards technology. However, without realizing it, technology actually continues to grow so fast.

Even today we can see that very rarely teachers and students write on paper. Technology is developing so rapidly in almost all fields of human life, including in the world of education. The development of technology must be seen as a positive opportunity to encourage the quality of human life. What's more for teachers, the presence of technology is something that will have a good impact on them. Because with the presence of technology there will be many new things that can be learned and make it a technology as a learning support tool.

This is what then continues to encourage the ability and quality of teachers in teaching. Thus the teacher must look for new things to be able to solve the problems that are present during learning. The development of the times makes us aware that methods and learning outcomes must also develop. This awareness requires us to change the pattern of learning more effectively. Because the learning process does not have to emulate the way we educated in the past.

Thus teachers must realize that it is very important for them to be able to use technology. One technology that is very important for teachers is information technology. This technology is one of the media that really helps us in completing work. It will also make it easier for us to convey information or receive information in a very wide range. In its development the communication system has spread and is stored in the internet network.

Teachers must believe that they have the ability to apply technology when learning. To find out the potential possessed by the teacher, we can test the self-competence we have with an International certificate. Certification is one means to support a career in the digital era today. One of the ways to establish teacher competition in technology is to follow Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE). This certification exam refers to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachings system.

Microsoft is one of the largest software companies in the world. This company is very concentrated in presenting certified and high quality products. Micrososft also supports developing professional careers. For teaching staff, Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is one of the most appropriate certification paths. This pathway is one of the most special certification paths at Microsoft.

Microsoft Educator Exam (MCE) will discuss:

  • Education Policy
  • Curriculum and assessment
  • ICT / technology tools
  • Pedagogy
  • Organization and administration
  • Professional development

Even if you don't have the confidence to take this certification. You can first study online courses or integrated workshops that explain the certification material. You can find this at or

Success in joining this certification will certainly give more confidence to the teacher. Because the main focus of learning on this certification is about the use of technology in the world of education. The certificate obtained is also an internationally recognized certificate.

[The Sample Sertified Of MCE]

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