What to do when children draw or make stripes on the walls and furniture of the house?

The walls of the house are favorite places where children begin to make their first drawings; When a pencil or chalk comes into the hands of a child, they immediately begin to make stripes in any part of the house, such as furniture, doors and walls, these activities can be considered normal, since it is one of the ways in which the child expresses his feelings of the things that surround him.


What to do when your child makes drawings on the walls and furniture of the house.

If at any time you find your child making drawings on the walls or furniture, it is very likely that you will get angry because you will have to clean up what your child has done, but the most important thing is that you accept this activity as normal, and in Instead of getting angry, make a good gesture so that your child feels that you appreciate their ingenious art; Sometimes those scribbles do not have definite shapes, but the child knows what he has drawn, maybe the child has tried to paint the father's car, the family group or the garden of the house. In general, children in their early years try to draw the things that attract them most.


Parents should praise the work their children do on the walls and treat them with loving words, such as: How beautiful! And reward them with a kiss, so they feel they have understood their art. But this is not all, this is the best time to tell them with love that this should not be done on the walls; It is the best time to tell them where they can perform these activities, for this it is necessary to provide some materials such as notebooks, watercolors, colored pencils or portable whiteboards for the child to continue developing their artistic expressions.

Recommendations or advice

  • If you surprise your child with stripes on the walls or furniture, this is the best time to talk to him and he explains that he should not do it, he should tell him what his spaces are for these activities.
  • Parents can solve this situation by simply giving them a sketchbook, pencils or a small blackboard so they can express their ideas freely.

  • Parents should teach their children how to distinguish spaces where they can or can not paint.

  • It is important that parents involve their children in cleaning the walls, furniture, doors or any other surface of the house that they have scratched or painted.

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  • You can also use a wall in the child's room so that he can paint, without the fear of being scolded.

All the activities carried out by the children from the first stages of development, such as drawings, stripes or any other expression, are of great importance because through them the motor, cognitive and emotional maturity of the child can be observed or evaluated. Parents must provide adequate materials so that children can express themselves without limitations and without fear of being reprimanded.

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Respect your children!

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