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This is such a wonderful story about a farmer who wanted his farm where he grew up back.

It was in their family for a very long time but a distant relative got the family somehow and did not care.

This farmer was very said because he knew he did not have enough money to buy it back.

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But then when they got to the auction there were so many people that he thought they had no chance of getting it back.

This is what makes this such a wonderful story because after their bid no one lifted a hand to bid at all.

Everyone just wanted to see that the farm goes back to the rightful owners.

It is a beautiful story and may there be more people who think like these farmers did. Life would be wonderful if more people remembered to love thy neighbour.

I hope you have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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As almal maar net geworry het oor ander -so 'n mooi storie.