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Literacy is very important in schools in Finland.

Here they are at the top of literacy.

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It is wonderful to see how these children who are still just small children all write a book with a story.

Once the teacher has read their story book and made a few suggestions, they get the chance of typing their book on computers and print them out.

They all seem to be enjoying it and they even help each other.

Literacy is probably the most important thing that children can learn.

We do other things but we never give them the chance to express what they are feeling.

They all seem so proud of their books and this makes them read a lot more.

They read magazines, books and even the newspaper.

It is not such a big job if we teach children this way and then we know they understand what they are reading.

If children do not read with understanding they truly have a problem.

This to me seems to be happening a lot.

Children can read but when you ask them what they just read they do not always know.

I think this is a wonderful way of teaching children to read with understanding.

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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