The Importance of Reading is A Very Useful Hobby

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image(Do not disturb, I'm reading) :D

Reading is a very beneficial and very important activity in our lives. Many people are successful and intelligent because of their love of reading books and learning. Therefore increase the intensity and the spirit of reading. This can be done when there is spare time, especially when there is no work activity, it will be more enjoyable if you are at home.

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Reading is a very wonderful hobby. Everyone would agree that reading can help enrich science. The benefits of reading a book we often hear since we were little. We must remember how many times our teachers remind us that reading is one means to open the horizon of the world. With a lot of insight and knowledge, we will be more confident in living this life and staring at the world. Being able to adapt in various associations and still be able to survive in the face of the times.

Get used to reading books, lots of smart people and geniuses even scientists say "books are the windows of the world".

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Science and knowledge are infinite, no words stop to learn, even to old even though we still have to learn. That knowledge is as vast as an endless sea. It should be higher our knowledge the more we feel stupid because the more we realize that knowledge is very broad, and do not ever assume that our science is great, because science and knowledge are without limit.

Reading a book allows us to see the outside world, meaning that by reading many books our views will become wider, making us smarter and wiser in living this life.

Reading can make as a good self-entertainer. Every time you feel bored, try to grab a good book and start reading. Obviously, we've been doing by passing the day without us knowing how fast the clock passes, because when we get a reading book and read it we've done a very useful thing for mind and science.

Improving an understanding can be done by reading a book. Simple example, it is impossible for a learner to understand the subject matter if they do not read. From this it is clear that reading is instrumental in helping one to improve his understanding of a learned matter.
Therefore, reading can improve understanding and memory, which they did not understand before becoming clearer after reading.

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With diligent reading then our knowledge becomes widespread, then it can bring great changes for us ourselves, and knowledge that can change our environment for the better. The more we read the book, the more we can become a person who thinks broad and useful.

Reading is a great hobby for a person to grow. There are books for all age groups, so we are never too old or never too young to be reading. If we do not have a hobby of reading, start from now !






You amazing bagi I tgk mahzar.

Thanks @abupasi.alachy
Hope useful :)

Reading is the best way to kill boredom and ignorance and know what is around you. I like your picture and you are interested in reading books and taking the science and published it and I was very impressed by the picture of the book is in the form of an endless sea of ​​science thanks

I really agree with you too
Your comments make me passionate and make more meaningful posts
Thanks a lot for the comment and visit at my blog

Don't forget for reading :D

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes! This was an excellent article on the virtues of reading. What kind of books do you like to read?

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