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Children learn by playing. They can learn about nutritious foods through fun activities. Take advantage of having children have fun learning about nutritious foods.


Focusing on shapes and colors

One day or at the time they are eating, talk about the shape and color of the food. Prepare a snack or a meal that has a certain shape or color.



Serve a meal based on the numbers, for example, a glass of milk, a slice of meat, two slices of bread, three pieces of lettuce, four strips of carrots and five strawberries. Cutting a food into several pieces allows older children to understand fractions and also facilitates eating fruits and vegetables.


Children have their own ways of seeing, thinking and feeling, and there is nothing more foolish than pretending to replace them with adult behavior. Culture and education, in particular, have found that one of those ways or ways of seeing, thinking and feeling irreplaceable in childhood is play.


Necessary material

  • Fruit drawings with their names.
  • Blank papers and pencils or colored markers.
  • Reinforcement sheet.

First part

  • Start by showing the drawings of the fruits of the annexed material and remembering their names. You can add others that the teacher believes necessary. Suggest that they be colored.
  • Choose fruits known by all children to show / remember the flavors: the grapes are sweet; the lemon is acid. If it is considered appropriate, expand by saying whether the fruits are hard or soft, juicy or not.
  • Ask immediately what other fruits are sweet or sour, soft or hard, juicy or not juicy.
  • With the same fruits, look at the shapes: the grapes are round, the oranges are also. The bananas are long, the papaya also.
  • Remember the colors and ask to put examples of colors associated with fruits.

Second part

  • Distribute blank sheets so that each child draws a fruit that knows well. Check that they do not repeat too much.
  • Explain that each one is going to be the fruit that you have drawn and the others are going to guess that fruit by asking questions. For example: Are you very sweet? Do we see yours at school?; Are you yellow? Do you have more colors? You're sweet? The answers will only be 'yes' or 'no'.
  • After guessing the fruit, it is passed to the next student.

Reference: http://extension.illinois.edu/foodforthought_sp/0108.html


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This is really a fun way of learning. Awesome 😁😀

That's right, thank you very much for going through my blog, a pleasure

Hello, @litzney, it seems a lie but children, when they are small, they like everything related to cooking, if they are taught from a young age they would like all the food without any problem.

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