Kungfu Kids

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Very often, a kid may dream of being able to beat up others with some cool Kungfu skills.

After watching the Kungfu scene in a movie below, kids would dream that they can be mighty enough to fight against those much older after learning Kungfu.

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Kids must learn that fighting is not the best way to solve an issue.

Fighting to convince that one is right may just be a misconception of many even adults as they think they are right when they win a fight.

Those who cannot justify their rights may just be the ones who need to use their fists.

We must teach kids that learning martial art is a form of sports that can keep them healthy and strong.

It can be a good self-defence but not to solve a conflict when we can reason it out.

Movies like the one above may have caused too many youngsters to live in an imaginary world.

When they have gone deep and kill someone accidentally, regrets would be the ones that would not let them go for life.

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