The life of the Eskimos - Reading for children about teamwork / 5th grade

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The life of the Eskimos


If you look at a map of America, you will see that in the highest part, in the northeast of the continent, is Greenland, the largest island in the world. This island has a very cold climate, since it is in the Arctic, around the North Pole.

Eskimos live on the coasts of Greenland, which are covered in snow almost all year round. In the interior nobody lives, because it is an immense glacier, where there are few terrestrial animals. Low temperatures freeze the ground.

The towns are small, since there are few inhabitants. The houses are bright colors and brighten the white landscape.

During the winter, the sun is low on the horizon, in some places it disappears completely and for several months there is no daylight; It is as if it were all night; the wolf and the caribou migrate to the south and only the polar bear and the white fox are seen. The Eskimos spend long winter days by the stove they use to heat the house and cook; women prepare skins, men make harpoons.

Eskimo children help their parents from an early age. The males fish with the father aboard their fragile kayaks or through an open hole in the icy surface of the sea. They also help to set traps to hunt foxes or to surprise polar bears, seals and walruses.

The girls help the mothers prepare the meat and fish that will be their food; they learn to tan the skins to make their clothes and extract the seal oil that they will use to illuminate during the night.


We analyze the text

1.Define each word without using the dictionary; use the information in the text.

  • Eskimo
  • kayak
  • Greenland

2.Copy and complete the following outline in your notebook

3.Think about the tasks that each member of your family performs at home. Then, respond in writing.

  • Do you always perform each task individually or as a team?
  • Are assigned tasks corrected or sometimes done by another family member?
  • Do you like to cooperate? Why?


  • Discuss in class about the rules of coexistence that apply in the home.


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Teamwork really works 😀

Hello friend @afifa, thanks for taking a little of your time and reading and commenting on my publication.

excellent story and very nice thank you for sharing it I will tell my students

Thanks @ gene20, for commenting, it would be good if all the teachers would take this planning to their classes.

Hello, teamwork, you learn, coexistence and mutual help is something we must always do to be good individuals.