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The next technique that deserves to be discussed is Maria Montessori's early development system. This technique is interesting in its own way, because it is based on a very unusual approach to the child's early development. Its principle and main motto is "Help me discover everything myself!".


In summary, the developer states that the most optimal variant of child development is independent development, initiative, the identification of their needs and interests and, consequently, their independent satisfaction.
But, of course, independently, without the help of an adult, learning this for the child is almost impossible. Therefore, the main task of the parents is not only to create an appropriate environment for the child's development, in which they can achieve what they want, but also to teach them a certain independence. This technique excludes situations in which an adult does something instead of a child, which supposedly shows as an example.

From the point of view of the author of this technique, adults must establish relationships with the child in such a way that the child can, independently, make the decision of all the tasks assigned to him. This will help the child to realize quickly and completely that he is an absolutely independent personality, capable of solving these or other problems on his own.

It is very difficult to describe all the materials that are used for child development with this technique. However, everything focuses only on what the child can identify by standing in front of a goal or reaching it, either just to understand that it does not, and why they can not plan.

A living example of such materials are the toys of the Sorter series. Certainly, they are in all families with small children: the toy itself, which has some form: cars, small animals, houses. And in them there are slots in which it is necessary to insert small figures in the slots.

Strictly speaking, Montessori's early development system is more a way of life for the family than a teaching technique. Teachers and parents who use this system argue that each child is an absolutely unique personality, who demands from an adult not only respect but also equal relationships. And all children develop in completely different ways, which means that the attitude and focus of each child must be individual.

By the way, recently more and more state preschool institutions - kindergartens. The benefits in the development are equipped with rooms for classes, and the main task of the educators is to help the child to organize his activities in such a way that all the inclinations and natural abilities of the child can be revealed completely.

As already mentioned, the whole principle of this system is based on the fact that the child learned to find his mistakes, analyze them and correct them. Separate several areas in which a child develops:

Personal space

For the harmonious development of the child, he must, as soon as possible, become familiar with adult and complex concepts, such as order and personal space. And for this, adults do not have to make a special effort. First, it is necessary to explain to the child a simple truth: everything has its place. Always make sure the child puts all his things strictly in certain places. Believe me, very soon the child will do this always and automatically, since it will form the connection "thing - place".

In addition, adults should remember that the child, along with any adult person, is entitled to their personal space. Ideally, the child should have his own room or, in extreme cases, his play area, where the child can take refuge, and no one should bother him there. At the same time, parents should teach the child to think that parents have their own personal space and respect their rights.

Practical skills

A no less important direction in this method of development is the development of practical skills that the child will need later in life. Of course, all parents teach this without exception, but the question is: at what age? Supporters of the Montessori method teach basic self-service skills: shoes with laces, clean shoes, buttons and zippers and a lid on the table.

And you know what is the most interesting? Of course, it is not the first time, but almost all children quickly master all the necessary skills, many happy parents and surprise their relatives, friends and others.

Pay attention; Success is only possible if the child's education is carried out with real objects. A dropped cup with real water and a wet floor that you can touch with one foot will teach you to be more accurate than a plastic toy with imaginary water much faster.

Sensory development

Probably, it is not worth repeating once again how tactile sensations are important for a child's development. But the spectrum of tactile sensations that is available to a child in everyday life is extremely small. And with the help of this technique, it allows the child to become familiar with the full range of sensations.

In addition, the child has the opportunity to develop not only tactile sensations, but also taste, smell, temperature, familiarize with the different sizes of objects and their weight.

And it's not that difficult to do it. To develop tactile sensations, several pieces of cloth: leather, furs, knitwear, silk and the like, pieces of strings, objects of various materials (wood, plastic, iron, stone) will be very useful. In this situation, the course can include absolutely all available materials: household items, various natural materials. Just turn around and look around carefully; Surely you will find something suitable.

Also, do not forget such wonderful development material as water. It represents a very large field to fly fantasy. You can give the child small containers with different water temperatures, so that the child knows that concept like cold and heat. The water can be placed in a mold and left for a while in the freezer, so that the child learns that the water has different properties and conditions. And if you buy temperas, everything will be a source of almost inexhaustible inspiration, you can give different colors and colorful ice cubes can even captivate any child.

Mathematical development

As a general rule, with the help of this technique, the child develops mathematical concepts very quickly. To do this, parents should, everywhere, surround the child with numbers.


  • First, consider constantly with the baby: with children under the age of three, it is recommended that teachers add and subtract within ten.
  • Secondly, the child must constantly surround the cards and the images with numbers: the visual memory also perfectly promotes the memorization of the figures.
  • And, thirdly, try to create events so that the child is forced to produce simple mathematical calculations constantly. For example, ask the child to share candy with family members, or ask them to bring a certain amount of forks or spoons.
In general, it is believed that the mathematical mentality and, consequently, the successes in mathematics are usually typical of children. However, this method totally refutes this theory: the success of girls, provided that the development of mathematical thinking through this technique is no less surprising than the successes of children. By the way, these children do not have problems with mathematics in elementary or secondary school.

Language development

Of course, one can not ignore such an important area of ​​the child's early development as language. The child is primarily a native speaker, which means that the development of language for him plays no less and, perhaps, an even more important role than all other directions. Pay attention to the children around you: the greater the vocabulary of a child, and the more literary and correct the speech, the higher the level of intellectual development.

And in this situation, you should start with the child as soon as possible, almost from the moment of his birth. First, always talk to your child, even if you are sure he is too young and does not understand.

Explain each action, do you bathe the baby? Tell him that the water is warm and pleasant, the soap smells of fruit and after bathing he will use a large, fluffy towel.

Tell a child a poem, sing a song, tell me how much you love him. And do not think that these conversations are in vain, because the baby can not yet understand a word. Most important, your love, you will surely feel it. In any case, the words will be postponed in the child's mind. And when the time comes, the child will speak, he already has a good vocabulary.

In addition, they advise that children at a certain age begin to become familiar with the letters. And they argue that the best effect comes from the way in which letters are learned, directly related to tactile sensations. You can buy raised letters in the store that are connected to the magnetic board, or cut the so-called velvet paper. When you learn to handle these letters, pronounce each of them aloud.

By the way, the following management is very useful; Spread sugar or flour in a uniform layer on the table. Show the child how much fun it is to write with a finger; Surely he will take his initiative with pleasure. Believe me, there will be a lot of fun, however, moms should be prepared for the fact that cleaning will be a mandatory chord.

As the child memorizes all the letters without exception, he can begin to study syllables and even short words. By the way, teachers, when they practice this method of early development, say it's better to do it on a magnetic board.

natural Sciences

As the child grows, after about three years, parents should pay attention to areas that have not been taken into account: the history, geography and structure of the universe, in the end. Without this information, the most harmonious development of the child becomes almost impossible.

However, it is very difficult for parents to do this themselves. Therefore, it is much more reasonable in this situation to seek help from specialists. This visit will be extremely useful even if you do not have the opportunity to take your child to specialized group classes. The teacher will help parents understand which direction to go and the best way to transmit the necessary information to the child.

Finishing the story about the Montessori method, it is not fair to say that in spite of all its positive aspects, in itself it is far from perfect. As mentioned above, it is rather a way of life for the family and the principle of building relationships with the child.
However, in itself, sometimes it is insufficient for the integral development of the baby, so to achieve the best result it must be combined with several other methods of early development of the child. These can be the Doman Method, and the Montessori toys. As a general rule, integrated development brings more benefits.

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