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We send a lot of young men to war and that is something that really breaks my heart. 

They can really never live a normal life after being at war for a long time. 

We do not realise what this does to our children. Sometimes we did bring them up in such a good way that they still have a passion in life even though they had a hard time. 

This is the story of a boy who was at a hospital and a nurse took him in to see his dying father. Once you have read this video you will understand why I say there are still good people on earth. 

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We are living in a time where things are not the way they use to be. We always have to be careful of who we speak to or what our children are doing. 

But I do believe that this young man was raised by a wonderful family. 

I remember seeing our children being buried at such young ages in the war when we still had apartheid in this country.

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Unfortunately this was all for nothing as I do not think we really had such a bad problem. 

I really think that there are people who love to make war and will do anything to get a war on the go. 

It might sound funny to you me saying this but can you remember a time we did not have a war somewhere in the world for any reason at all. 

These are soldiers who are in control and they want war, but normally they do not go and fight themselves. 

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Look how the world looks now with the veterans who have such a bad time, and why? 

Most of these wars were not necessary at all but they wanted to feel they are ruling and things should go the way they want them to. 

I know this does sound a little hard but some of our South African sons and American sons all died for what.

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Because there are people who like war. 

Here in this video we at least see a man who still had compassion for another, as he knew how he watched people wanting to die with their mothers or wife’s present. 

But when they come back from the war they are really not well looked after. 

This young man saw a lot of these people, and that is why he sat next to this bed, because he had compassion. 

I am against all wars as I really think that most of them are just there for people who like war. 

As I said those who really want them normally do not even go where the wars are and just sit and tell everyone what to do. I really take my hat off to this young man, and hope you enjoyed it.

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 Have a wonderful day from me.        

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