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Today I came upon this video it just caught my eye as I saw this girl saying I am a brat. I was really wondering why she was feeling like that because we do not say things about ourselves like that. 

After finding this video I saw some more things that really made me realise that we sometimes complain about nothing. I want you to watch this video first and then I will tell you about the other people I found.     

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There are so many people who escaped death, simply because of a little problem or a change in their schedule. There was a father who never takes his child to school but this morning he decided to take the little one to school, and not go to work straight away. 

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There is another man who survived because it was his turn to take donuts to the office.

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Another woman was late for work because her alarm clock didn’t go off in time. 

It is incredible to read all these as another woman spilled food on her clothes and had to go back home to change her clothes. 

There were a few people whose cars would not start that morning for some unknown reason. 

Some people could for some reason not find a taxi that morning. 

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There was a woman who had a pair of new shoes and her feet got blisters so she went into a chemist to buy some plaster for her feet. 

It is incredible how these little things saved their lives that day. Just imagine what would have happened to them if these little irritating things had not happened. 

So whenever you are stuck in traffic or turn back to answer a phone you must think of all these things before complaining. 

image source

This is just how life works; God wanted them to be there at that moment. 

It might not all be Christians, but there was a reason why it was not there time. 

It does not matter what your beliefs are, but there is a plan for you that you just do not always understand. 

image source

So the next time the children are slow or you cannot find the car key think of what you read here and take it as a reason to be thankful. 

Remember to stay calm and not complain as it might just be God watching out for you. 

God has the best plans ever and we should accept that as reasons why things sometimes do not work the way we want them to.

 There is always a reason why things happen the way they do. So if you just trust in Him and know that he really cares every day.

I really hope this made your day a little better and have a wonderful one from me.



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