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I was watching a video of Mr. Nelson Mandela who we all call the father of the nation. 

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When he was freed we were all so indoctrinated that we were scared of what was going to happen. 

But this man became our President and did wonderful things for all the people in this country, like he himself said, “it does not matter "if the cat is black or white as long as it can catch mice.” 

This man made everyone feel safe and we as whites had as much respect for him, as did all the people in the country. 

I truly believe that if he was here today he would be crying for the farmers as he made a commitment to his, and our country to bring peace among all of us and it worked. 

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He also realised that sport was one of the best ways to do it. 

This was a man with a lot of wisdom and belief in Our God,  was here today, what is happening now would really break his heart. 

Maybe he is looking down on us and thinking I did so much to make the country great and now they are undoing all my work. 

But I am glad he is not here because he would have felt like a failure if he had seen what was happening now. 

From what I see and read he had a wonderful sense of humour and he really did care about all the people of this country. 

What people are inclined to forget is that we as normal small white citizens did not all think that there should be apartheid. 

We were not all believers in that but because we were the minority we did not really have any say. 

If there is one thing that I have never been, is a racist, as my dad told me about his life so many times. 

He was an orphan and grew up in very bad conditions in his life. 

At the age of 17 he went to fight in the Second World War and he saw what hatred could do to the world. 

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For that reason I want to say that not all white South Africans were racist we just did not have a choice we lived under the rules of the country as many of our leaders were racist. 

But what is happening to the farmers now, and we do not know about other parts like people wanting to take out hard earned houses, I think that there is really something very wrong with the changes that are happening now. 

Most of us were looked after by black woman who worked in our houses, and they loved us like our mothers did, as our mothers had to work to survive. 

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So racism never ever came up in our houses. 

If you think that the world was against us for the apartheid era, they did many things to help wipe out that problem. 

Now we have the same problem from another side, and there must be some of these people who helped them who can help us fix this problem.  

We see that this is really happening as there are many countries trying to help the farmers and the people of South Africa.

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 I truly hope that they succeed for the sake of my grandchildren and the young generation growing up. 

I showed you yesterday that we are not the people who poses the most land in this country and therefore I truly hope my children and grandchildren do not have to go and live in a country where they were not born as this is their home. 

I hope you have a wonderful day from me.              

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Your articles are great. But talking can be a solution

A lot of these 'big shots' would never ever try what they are doing now if Madiba were still alive - we can just pray for out country and a leader who cares more about the people than their pockets.


I agree totally, he was different.