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Consider our teachers a bit, as they do the hardest work in the world.  

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They are the ones who make our children become good people, and know how to work.    

If there were no teachers how would we have any other work for people as they all have to learn somewhere.

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Our daughter is a teacher and she is just wonderful.   Some people just think of themselves, and she is not like that at all.   

Teachers after all are the ones who make it possible for entrepreneurs to succeed in what they plan, as the children are the ones who grow up and carry on with their plans.  

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If we treat teachers better and pay them more it might not make a difference to the child, but definitely to the teacher as I do not know one teacher who will take their frustration out on children. 


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They will just do their work the same way they always do, even if they are unhappy.   

Remember it is not the child’s fault that the teacher is feeling unhappy, and all the teachers I know will never let a child feel bad. No matter how bad the teacher feels. 


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It is so important for someone who works for you to thank them now and then.  

Every human being does need a little encouragement especially if they work that hard. 

People who employ people should just sometimes try and be a bit nicer and more thankful. 

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 I worked hard all my life and all my employees were happy as there was a decent way, and a wrong way to work with people.  

Why not try and make life nice for everyone, as life is very short. 

They should be asked if you decide to do something new in your job, how they feel.  

Sometimes they might even come up with a better idea than you did, or just make your idea better.


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If people do not know how to work with people they should find a job that they can do on their own and not be nasty. 

There is a program on television that I love called “undercover boss” it is so interesting, that all these people who go and see how their workers are working find that they are all doing their best, and come up with ideas that can make easier for everyone. 

After all they are the ones doing the work and they will know what would make things easier for all. 

 This should be the same at schools.  Teachers sometimes come up with wonderful ideas to help children, if the principal does not even listen, he should not be there. 

 So please try and pay our teachers better, and if not possible at least treat them well as we all know how important they are to the way we bring up our children.

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I hope you liked my post and have a wonderful day.   


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Children always work wisely.