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We are so inclined to think that everyone is happy. 

I know I am but seeing these fathers come home to their families really does make your heart want to burst. 

It is so important when children are at school and sometimes feel a bit down to think maybe there is a good reason. 

Being the daughter of a soldier was not always easy because you miss them so much when they are gone. 

Just think of all these children that were happy when they saw their fathers. 

Here in South Africa we have a lot of our children that go away to work overseas, and I can assure you that the pain of missing them is terrible. 

The one thing we do not have to be worried about is that they are at war. 

I think we must sometimes just help these children in school because they do not say it but they really miss their parents who have to go off to war, and they are not sure that they all come back. 

Blessed are those who make it and have a chance to live a happy life. 

I hope you enjoyed my video and loved it as much as I did. Have a wonderful day from me.    

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The only plus side is that they don't really know what War is at that age.
also, with luck, Dad can miss the kids having measles, chicken pox etc while he is away,
of course, this makes things so much harder on the wives, they are the ones I feel sorriest for.