The boy who wanted a Christmas gift and received so much more

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Once there was an orphanage for children, this was a very good orphanage to them but they were very poor and these children did not have much, but they were happy because they always slept in a bed and had food to eat. This is important because we all have to be thankful for what we get in life, even if it is just the basics. 


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In this orphanage lived a brother and a sister. The sister was a lot older than the brother and she always looked after him very well. They all went to the same school with children who lived in town and had many friends.  One day the little boy said to his sister:

"Why don’t we get Christmas gifts like the children who live in houses do?" It was nearly Christmas. The little girl thought a little and started explaining to him that they were all orphans and the people looking after them did so much for them but could not afford to buy them all Christmas gifts.  

She also said to him: "Christmas is supposed to be Jesus Christ's birthday, and actually by just loving Him and doing good was all he wanted for his birthday.  


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He had come down from heaven and he died for our sins, and that is why we must be thankful and on Christmas day we think of him doing this wonderful thing for us so that our sins could be forgiven. Before he came we did not have the ability to get our sins forgiven and that was his gift to us. 

The little brother said he understood, but he so badly wanted a gift for himself as well on Christmas day. He was only a little boy and did not really understand what she was telling him. Although they went to church every Sunday he was still too small to really understand. 


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That evening when she said her prayer  she asked Him if he would not please send somebody to adopt her little brother. If that happened it would mean all his wishes would come true and she wanted to make him happy so badly. 

Night after night she said her prayers and asked God the same things repeatedly. A few weeks later a couple came to the orphanage and said they really wanted to adopt a little boy as they cannot have any children. The mother of the orphanage thought about this and said we only have one little boy, the other boys are much bigger if you would like to meet him you are welcome. 


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This little boy was called and they fell in love with him immediately. They said that they wanted to adopt the boy. The mother of the orphanage said that he was not an only child he had a sister as well that was looking after him, but she was a lot older than him. The couple went home and spoke about this. The man said we cannot really adopt two children as we will not be financially strong enough to look after them. 

The next day they went back to the orphanage to fetch the little boy and take him home.  His sister was very happy for his sake as she knew that he would now have a family and a wonderful Christmas. She put her arms around him and hugged him and said :"Now you will have a lovely family and I will always love you, but God sent these people to take you and that is what I had been asking him for every night.   

The little boy was crying and saying :"No I do not want to go without you, who will look after you?"

 She smiled and said I am nearly grown up and I will look after myself. The people who adopted him said she could come and visit him whenever she wanted to. Near Christmas time people took some of these orphans home for the holiday and she stayed behind alone as she was not really a child anymore, more of a teenager and people wanted little kids. 

The family who adopted her brother then arrived and said we want you to stay with us for the holiday as we see he really misses you very much, will you come for the holiday?

She was so happy and went with them. She really enjoyed being with her little brother again and helped with the house work and cooking all the time. The mother said to the father I really am going to miss her very much when she goes back, she is such an enormous help around the house, please can we not keep her as well? 


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That is how this brother and sister landed up in the same house as adopted children, for the father also realised what a wonderful child she was. 

So if we ask we shall receive, and that is what happened to these two loving children? They all lived happily ever after in the house as a family. 

Thank you for reading my story hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.   


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