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It is unreal to listen how this little boy remembers the whole alphabet that he was taught. 

When they are this young it is something they will remember for a lifetime. 

I really hope that he will remember and live by everything that he was taught. 

We often talk about children who are born into a certain belief. 

Children will then normally follow that belief because that is what they are taught. 

It is so wonderful to see that this little boy grows up in a wonderful Christian home. 

May he have a wonderful life as he does really know where all he has come from. 

I could not believe listening to him as he really does not need any help to remember everything, he has learnt except that they give him the first letter. 

It is a lot of passages that he must remember but he does not struggle at all. 

He must have wonderful parents, and may they keep him believing and love is so important in our religion. 

I hope you enjoy him as much as I did and have a wonderful day from me.              

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