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Some time back I wrote a post about these guardian angels that help people on subways. 

They had left but they seem to be coming back. 

image source

I think it is wonderful that there are people who care enough to offer up their time, and effort to help other people. 

We all try to help but it is not always so that everyone knows about it. 

It is still important to be a good citizen if you see someone need help, please help them.

 As we are getting so much older this is something that young people do not realise, but we as older people really need some help sometimes.

 Just simple little things like picking something off a grocery stand that is unreachable is what we sometimes need. 

Here is a group of people offering up their time to help people on the underground. I think it is such a great movement and hope you enjoy my video. 

Have a wonderful day from me and try to help where you can. 

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being a "needer", what a good idea, it is surprising how far away the ground is some days, it almost unreachable.
These guys would be a great asset where ever they are.

Thank you I so agree with you. Kind of missed you thanks for your reply.

beware, when you least expect it, there he is again.