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Good communication can make the world a better place.  

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We are all so busy with our own thing that we do not communicate well anymore.  

Today I saw what communication can do because these people tried to communicate with whales and succeeded.

It is so important to teach children that by communicating with parents and teachers they can change their whole life at school.  

We must teach our children that communication can change the world. 

They must not keep their problems inside them and they must tell a responsible person if they have a problem.  We can communicate with anything if we really try our best.  

These people really did something incredible they communicated with whales.  

This whole orchestra came together and it is wonderful how well they did it.  

Why can we as humans be the same?  

We can start listening to others maybe that is all they need.  

They might find their own answer if someone just listens.  

I hope you enjoy this orchestra as much as I did and have a wonderful day from me.

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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.