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Life is not just bad all the time, when I found this video I thought this is something everyone should see.  As I said before nothing bring people together more than sport.  


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Here is a video of how wonderful sportsmanship can be where the athletes help one another, and they are so nice.  

I agree when everything goes well it is important to try and win, but there are circumstances that can change that.  

It is so important to teach children that when you lose it is the way you handle the loss, that is more important than winning.  

My dad always said if you are a good loser you are a good person. 

Inside you might feel very sad but the fact that you do not show it is what makes you a good person.  

I really hope you enjoy this and that you can teach children how to be good losers.  

Have a wonderful day from me and thank you for reading my post.   


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