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Understanding Scaffolding and Scaffolding and Its Type
Scaffolding (scaffolding) or steger is a construction helper on building work. Scaffolding is made when building work has reached a height of 2 meters and can not be reached by workers. Scaffolding is a temporary work platform.
Scaffolding (scaffolding) is a temporary structure used to support human and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large buildings. Usually scaffolds form a modular system of metal tubes or tubes, although also can use other materials. In some Asian countries like China and Indonesia, bamboo is still used as a scaffold.

Scaffolding itself is made of iron pipes that are formed in such a way that has the power to sustain the load on it. In the course of a project, the need to use scaffolding may depend on the project owner. Because of the difference between the cost of using bamboo and scaffolding. Scaffolding is used instead of bamboo in building a project. The advantages of using this scaffolding are cost savings and time efficiency of scaffolding installation.
There are three basic types:
Supported scaffolds, ie platforms supported by poles, are equipped with other supports such as connections, legs, skeletons and outriggersSuspended scaffolds, ie platforms hanging by rope or otherAerial Lifts, lifts for lifting such as "Man Baskets" or baskets human
Scaffolding function
As a place for safe work for workers / workers so safety is guaranteed. As a safeguard for other workers, such as workers below must be protected from the fall of materials or tools.

Type of Scaffolding

  1. Scaffolding Andang
    Scaffolds or worms are used in work that is 2.5 to 3 m tall. If the job is higher then it is not used again. Various kinds of scaffolds:
    Wooden scaffolding how to make it fast and moveable move. For high scaffolds still can not be set. Usually at work no higher than 3 m, for work higher than 3 m using pole scaffold. image
    Bamboo and bamboo scaffolding can be moved and as a binder using the rope fibers, because the rope fibers are resistant to water, heat and so on. In this bamboo scaffolding scaffolding has been set first, so the height and length can not be set back. Usually bamboo andang can be worn at the height of work no more than 3 m, about bamboo andang foot there are wearing 2 or 3 pairs. image
    Iron scaffolds are very practical and efficient because the installation is easy and moveable. The height of the iron scaffold can be adjusted to the distance of each other's scaffolding feet up to 180 cm with 3cm thick board.

2.# Pole Scaffolding
Pile scaffolding is used when the work has reached above 3 m, Scaffolding pole can be made up to 10 m more depending of the requirement. Scaffolding pole there are 3 kinds:

a. Scaffolding poles from bamboo
In general, bamboo scaffolds are widely used by workers in the field, whether in a multi-story building or not. The reason is:
Bamboo is easy to come by, powerful and cheap. Installation of bamboo scaffold is easily dismantled and can be re-installed without damaging the bamboo. The ingredients of the rope wearing rope ijuk.
b. Bamboo scaffolding system with iron console
The bamboo scaffolding system with iron consoles is only held by a single bamboo pole, in contrast to the scaffold held by several poles.
The advantages are as follows:
Not too much bamboo is needed, How to install it faster than bamboo scaffolding, More practical and save place. Console console can be moved from level 1 above level, For bamboo pole does not need cut,

c. Scaffolding of iron or pipe poles.

On the scaffolding of poles of iron or pipe fittings using clutch, for setting more quickly than the bamboo pole scaffold.

** at a glance about the Understanding of Scaffolding and Scaffolding and its Type, there are many more that have not been written in possibly other opportunities we can continue **

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