Confused? Bewildered? Need Guidance On How To Benefit From Your Steemit Account?

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I've been a part of the Steemit platform for around a month, but must confess that I am a long way away from understanding it, or even knowing what I am doing. The problem seems to be that as fast as I learn about one part of it, something else comes up to throw a spanner in the works! There is so much detail that I still haven't heard about as yet, never mind understand and use it. Many times I have asked myself where I can find a guide as to what I should be doing and when.

I have read "Post2Profit" by @hopehuggs, which is an excellent primer. That is the book that got me started in the first place, but there is no way that she could have covered everything in one publication.

Then I discovered Steem School by @ValorForFreedom which currently has 70 videos which you can view at SteemSchool totally free of any charge.


Today I discovered another resource, also free, by @spiritualmax on DBooks in the form of a book titled "How To Grow Your STEEMIT Account". I have only read the first few chapters so far, but I believe that studying this book and the videos at Steem School will answer a lot of my questions and set me on the right track.

Check them both out if you are also confused about which direction you should be taking.


Hey man!
I'm glad you found my book useful... I've got 4 of them in already and that one you're talking about has a sequel so you know where to go from there.

If you ever need anything, you know where to find me.


@appent - this is a great post, especially for newbies starting out. I fully endorse @valorforfreedom, @hopehuggs, and @spirtualmax.

They are all great resources here to learn about what to do first in your Steemit journey. I was overwhelmed at first too- but these folks helped reduce the learning curve greatly. Upvoted & Resteemed.

Great resource for guiding new and overwhelmed members to the information they need. Steemit is full of opportunities and you must be willing to learn all about the platform in order to truly embrace it. I haven't checked out dbooks at all, but I will now based on your recommendation!

Thanks for this little guide! I haven't really been active with Steemit, purely because I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Thanks for the tip on a new resource. I hope to read it later this week.