Our Space - Part 11 The ISS- Video lesson for small kids

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We have now learned that astronauts are trained people that go into space using spaceships.  Sometimes it happens that astronauts stay in space for a while to do experiments and gather more information.  They need a place to stay and for this they use the ISS (International Space Station).

The ISS is about 330 km from Earth (some times a bit more) and it is open to Astronauts from different countries like Russia, Japan, Italy and South Korea.

With the naked eye, the ISS can be seen from nearly every area of Earth at some point in time, it appears as a slow moving bright white dot in the night sky. 

Have a look at the video for extra information.  Listen carefully and answer the questions.

  1. What is the ISS and what do astronauts do there?
  2. How do they get to and from the space station?
  3. The station needs electricity.  How do they get this since there are no electrical wires that go up into space.
  4. Why would they need electricity on the ISS?
  5. What do the astronauts call the kitchen?

  1. How big is the ISS?
  2. How long does it take the ISS to orbit the Earth once?
  3. How high above Earth will you find the ISS?
  4. How much did it cost to build the ISS and where did the assembly begin?
  5. Who lives in the ISS from time to time?
  6. Why does the hair of the astronauts stand up?
  7. Would you like to live in the ISS and why or why not?

It must be amazing to be up in space and orbit the Earth and see many sunsets and sunrises in one day, but it can also be lonely and tiring and you will have to exercise a lot to keep your muscles strong, since you easily loose muscle function in an area with no gravity.

For more information you can also read here.

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