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Suzy and Peter are very excited.  Their parents told them that they are going to see a music concert.  

They first thought it was a concert with a well known pop singer, but their parents told them it is an orchestra that will play.  They do not really know what to expect but they know they will learn a lot of new things if they go.

Have you ever seen an orchestra play?

  • Have a look at the video with all the different instruments that will play in the orchestra - you must practice the spelling of these words and try and remember what the instrument looks like.

Suzy and Peter get dressed in their smartest outfits and the set off the the auditorium.  That is the big hall where the concert will take place.

Once they sit down they see a lot of people on the stage with their instruments.  Their dad tells them you call these people musicians.

The person in front of the piano is called a pianist and on the stage they see two types of pianos.  The one is small and upright and the other one is big and the top is open.  This piano is called a 'grand piano'.

  • Have a look at the video to see what the difference is between these pianos and decide which one you like best

The drummer is the person who plays the drums and even though he makes it look so easy, Suzy and Peter knows that is must have taken a lot of practice to be that good.

There are many other musicians playing in the orchestra and each one plays their own musical instrument.

  • Can you name a few other instruments and the names of the people playing it?  If you cannot remember, have a look at the first video again.

The song that the orchestra plays sounds familiar to Suzy and she asks her dad about it.  He says it is a 'remake' of an old song.  That means they have added some instruments and some extra notes to make it sound a little different from the 'original' song (the song when it was played first)

  • find a song that you like, listen to it and find out if it is the original or a remake.  If it is a remake, find the original version. If it is the original, see if you can find any remakes of that song.

The orchestra plays beautifully and at the end, all the people stand up and clap hands and shouts 'Encore'.  Peter does not know what that means and his dad explains that the people want the orchestra to play one more song.

 An encore is when performers in a live show give an additional performance after the planned show has ended, usually in response to extended applause from the audience.  

Suzy an Peter had a wonderful time and that night they both dream about playing in the orchestra.

  • Make your own sentences by using the words from the piece that are in bold.
  • Choose any 5 types of musical instruments that you like.
  • Find a picture of each and a video so that you can hear what it sounds like.
  • Choose you favorite one and find a video to watch on how that specific instrument is made.

Musical concerts are held at many different places and there are also different types of concerts.  Some people go to the concerts to see and hear people sing, others go to watch the different instrument being played.  No matter what the reason, if you love music you need to go and watch a musical concert one or other time.

A concert is a live music performance in front of an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, choir, or band. 
  • Do you like music?  What is your favorite type of music you listen to?
  • What is the name of your favorite song and why do you like it?
  • Who is you favorite artist/band/singer and why?

For fun

Maybe you would like to start a band.  Today you will have the chance, but you are going to make some instruments with things you have at home.

You and some friends can work together and you can even write a song or use a well known song and sing it and play your instruments.

You can get some ideas here or you can decide on your own 'designs'.

Use your imagination and have some fun.  Let the music flow through you...

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The audience clapped and shouted 'encore'
I love piano, cymbal, oboist, tuba, trombone.
The name of my favorite song is Adagio for Strings played by Samuel Barber, i love it because it begins softly and it helps me to think well.
I dont have any, I listen to any type of song from any artist

Thank you for your reply

The drummer is the person who plays the drums and even though he makes it look so easy, Suzy and Peter knows that is must have taken a lot of practice to be that good.

Haha related to this, I'm a drummer (or at least I used to be), and people think it is easy to play drums, when definitely it's not! Even in orchestras the drummer is a very well prepared musician, good article :)

Thank you - why did you stop playing?

very good post,@anneke

Very nice post and the article, thanks for sharing dear @anneke

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