For the love of trees - Information and a story for kids

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Everywhere around us we see trees.  Some are big and some are small.  We even see people cutting down trees because they want to use it to make something or they maybe do not like the tree in their garden (which is sad). 

Trees are very important to us and we need to look after them.  

Trees are not only a home for many insects and birds, but we can get fruits and nuts from some trees, but the most important thing that we get from trees is the oxygen that we breathe and it helps to keep the atmosphere clean - now that is more that enough reason to love a tree....


A tree is also a good source of shade and you can even climb a tree for fun or build a tree house in it where you can have a 'secret hide away'.

We get two main types of trees - 'deciduous and evergreen'.

Have you ever seen how the trees looses their leaves in autumn and in winter has no leaves?  These are the deciduous trees.  

An evergreen tree is exactly what it say - always green and always have leaves.  It does not 'shed' the leaves, no matter what the season is. (they will loose a few leaves at a time, but there are always more leaves left on the tree).

You can divide a tree into different part and those are the roots, the crown, branches, leaves and the trunk.


Tomorrow we will look at each of these parts and their functions but now we are first going to listen to a 'tree story' and answer some questions.

  • You first need to watch the video and listen to the story.
  • When you are done with that, you are going to re-tell the story in your own words.
  • Now you will answer the questions (if you cannot answer them all, watch the video again and make sure you concentrate while doing that.)
  • Please note that this is a Christian story - if you are not a Christian you do not have to watch the story, you can then watch the video at the bottom and practice some reading after you have listened to the story.


  1. Where were the trees?
  2. What were they dreaming about?
  3. What was the first tree's dream?
  4. What was the second tree's dream?
  5. What did the third tree wanted to do?
  6. What did the 3rd woodcutter say about the 3rd tree.
  7. What was the first tree used for?
  8. What was the second tree used for?
  9. What happened to the third tree?
  10. Who was the baby that was placed into the food box?
  11. How did the Man stop the storm?
  12. What did the second tree realize when he saw this?
  13. What symbol did the third tree become?
  14. What lesson can we learn from this story?


Remember next time when you look at a tree that they are very important to us - can you give a few reasons?

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