The parents who could not put up with a 'bad' teacher for the year.

A primary principal, Mr K ran a good school, he cared for kids expected only the best behaviours, had high standards for the teachers and liked parents. You could guarantee that Mr K was always out and about in the schoolyard during the breaks.

Occasionally he scored underperforming teachers, it was not up to him to appoint teachers, he worked in a public state school system. He never backed off, they were accountable and he supported parents by meeting with them and the teacher. Mr K would not hesitate to go through an Diminished Work Performance process.

From the parents perspective, such teachers were called bad teachers, the school community had a very good parent communication system outside the school gate. Some mums had their ears to the ground, knew very quickly if a bad teacher came. One year, a first year teacher called Mr Hook arrived and within a week he earned the title of a bad teacher.

How do you spot a bad teacher? There are many characteristics: they are disorganised, have very messy classrooms, do not speak clearly when teaching, do not have lessons planned, yell, punitive, do not have clear behaviour management rules and consequences worked out with the children. They bumble along teaching their students minimal. children are not happy and usually very bored. They are not good communicators with parents and not welcoming. Even worse, a bad teacher perceives that he/she is doing a good job.

As would be expected Mr K and the deputy were working closely with Mr Hook but one lot of parents were very concerned. The dad was the local vet. The family were very happy and loved the school but their eldest son in grade 5 was in Mr Hook's class. After the first term the parents regretfully decided to shift their three children to a local Catholic school nearby. They were exceptionally bright kids and they did not want a bad teacher for any of them.

The principal understood quietly thinking that he would do the same with his kids. Mr Hook was transferred to another school at the end of the year. He had improved but was not up to scratch for Mr K.


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Howdy tonight angiemitchell! Hey I like Mr. K, he sounds like the kind of principle that you want in all your schools!


Hi janton, Mr K was so well respected and liked by parents, kids and teachers, they all wanted him to stay forever. The standards were high academically and behaviourally. There are not many Mr K's in the education system😐


Howdy tonight angiemitchell! Oh so Mr. K worked until his retirement at 65 years of age or so?