Policies of coexistence change and improve with the school environment

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To start talking about the issue of responsibility of minors for problems of school bullying, it is very important to highlight the attitude of some parents, or teachers who are actually the real responsible. Because we are and we must educate within the culture for understanding and peace. Children must learn how to live in school.
So it is necessary that we commit ourselves to form a relationship of trust with our sons and daughters, from a positive motivated upbringing; but it is also necessary to create good relationships with teachers.


Intolerance is the beginning of discrimination and behind it, violence, bullying. Acceptance is not the permission we give to the other to be different: we are different. Being congruent parents implies a challenge, but it is possible to achieve it. Congruence starts when you say what you think and do what you say.

Therefore, take 5 steps into account:

1. Do not use nicknames or nicknames or curses to refer to a teacher or father and mother
In the first place, it is essential that they do not use nicknames, profanities or pejorative qualifications towards teachers, other school personnel, parents or students. When he disqualifies or insults them, the little students lose respect for them.
Remember that the school can only complement and support the values ​​taught at home. Educating children requires effort, time, dedication and patience.
2. If something does not seem to you, talk it.
In case you do not like the teaching methods of the teachers or you reject their behavior, talk first with the teacher and then with your superiors to reach an agreement, but never raise your voice or call them in front of your children , because the only thing you will achieve is that they observe negative attitudes towards the adults that they will surely imitate.
It is important to be honest and respectful, if you show that you can resolve a conflict with dialogue and respect, your child will copy you.
3. Learn
Of the curricula and activities inside and outside the classroom, because in this way you can support and guide your children.
Being a parent is a process and not an event, and to be able to respond to their needs, you must know them.
4. Get involved
If you have the time, get involved in a school commission to be closer, both teachers and students, and indirectly, you can take care and monitor your children or adolescents.
Remember, if you take this responsibility, you can not fail. Although if your work does not allow it, it complies with what they ask for in school, for example, attend punctually the school meetings in which you are required.
5. Respect the rules
And from the simplest. If you take them to school in your car, do not stop in double or triple row because you obstruct vehicular traffic. Try to park one or two streets before or after and walk with them to the cologium. Sometimes it is better to hire the school bus service because these problems are avoided and it is ensured that the student always arrives punctually to the classes.



Source of information: https://www.educaweb.com/noticia/2007/12/03/organizacion-escolar-comportamiento-adolescentes-2656/

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Coexistence is essential, therefore, we must be people of good behavior and comply with others, with our obligations as citizens, be people with good habits of education, to ensure and set an example of our actions.

Excellent tips @angels075. They should be reinforced in all educational units. The five steps are essential

The importance of school coexistence is an essential element not only within the educational sphere, but also in the social sphere.
The participation of the family in the education of the children is fundamental for a good development. Thanks for your good productive comments .