Psyched For The Borneo Blockchain Summit

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This week is going to be an awesome week. I will be emceeing a really great event that is going on in the area. That event is the Borneo Blockchain Summit. The entire event is meant to be a shilling-free, educational even for all those who are interested in knowing more about Blockchain and its technology.

This is extremely important in my local context. I remember a student asking me if a certain cryptocurrency which starts with the letter K and another which starts with the letter D was a good investment. Upon helping the student research (Google) and looking through their whitepaper, I found out that it was a scam. What gave it away was how the organizer would promote how their coin was better than Bitcoin and ask you to 'recruit' other members to 'sustain' the Blockchain.

It is in such situations that I find education to be extremely important. Most I know see Blockchain as a get-rich-quick scheme. Thus, when people don't get rich quick through Blockchain, there will be negativity directed towards the technology as a whole. As such, the Borneo Blockchain Summit would be a great avenue to educate those who are present. So here are a few of highlights that I am looking forward to.

Some Highlights

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First off, I am excited to see the involvement of my superiors from the education industry in this. Without revealing too much, I am looking forward to see how this summit can be a catalyst to the creation of education modules and guidelines for the next generation. In addition, this may be the first Borneo Blockchain Summit, I think we will be looking at many more Borneo Blockchain Summits to come.

The second highlight that I am looking forward to is by Harpreet Singh Mann. Harpreet being one of the speakers during the summit would, in my opinion be great. I have heard much of his knowledge and am looking forward to hear about it for myself. As the emcee, I had a quick look at his biodata and from his long experience at different speaking events, I'm sure the audience will benefit much from this.

The third highlight is by @buzz.lightyear . I met him personally at one of the meet ups and he has some pretty great ideas to share. Furthermore he runs his very own Blockchain startup called empower. @buzz.lightyear is also local and like Harpreet, I am looking forward to hear what his thoughts are with regards to the current state of Blockchain in Malaysia.

I am also looking forward to the forums and I think it is an excellent idea. Particularly because it gives the audience the chance to ask any question at all. This creates engagement and it does not make the entire event seem like a lecture. I hope some taboo questions get thrown at the panel, this is because I am confident in the panel's ability to answer them. Also, if the questions get answered, I am sure there would be a larger crowd the following year.

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My Main Role

As mentioned earlier, my main role in all this is to be the emcee or master of the ceremony. Aside from introducing the speakers, my role is of course to handle the audience in the unlikely event that things go wrong. That is why I will be bringing my awesome book of jokes along for the ride. Ok, they are mainly dad jokes, but hey, a painful laughter is still laughter.

Jokes aside, I am super psyched for the event and I think its going to be a blast. I just need two things from you readers. First, what do you think if I D-lived my emceeing stint? Second, do you know any good blockchain or cryptocurrency jokes? I am building up my supply of jokes. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Before I end, a big shout out to the Borneo Blockchain Summit team, you guys rock and its an honor to emcee the session. Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday!

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Man .. you are like the perfect person for the role of MC !!! thanks for all the support buddy .. see ya in a day or two !