Lets bury the rumors on food -Information for teenagers

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You have decided to eat more healthy or maybe you just wonder about which food and drinks are good for you and which not.  You read a lot of stuff on the internet and you do not really know what to believe.  

Lets have a look at a few things which I am sure you believe a few of them.

Lets bust some myths...

Your grandmother has told you many times that the reason why you have pimples is because you eat chocolate. There is good news. 

There are no scientific evidence that chocolate causes spot but the bad news is that it does contain a lot of sugar and fat, which is not good for you if you do not take it in moderation.  So it may not be the cause of your pimples, but it will be the cause of weight gain.  

The main reason why you are getting spots or pimples is because of your hormones and puberty.


I personally prefer brown sugar over white sugar, but the one does not contain less calories than the other.  Both can make your teeth rot or make you gain weight if you eat too much of it. A better alternative to sugar is honey.

Raw sugar differs very little from white sugar, except that the crystals of raw sugar are larger and have more color. In spite of trace amounts of minerals in molasses,brown sugar contains only slightly more nutritive value than raw sugar because the amounts added back are so small. 

Many diets say you may not eat any carbohydrates (like pasta and potatoes). The fact is you need carbohydrates to give you energy - if you do not eat any, you will get tired easily.  Again it is all about the amount of carbohydrates you eat per day and what you do to it.  If you eat pasta with lots of cream or potatoes with lots of butter, it is the added fat that will make you gain weight.  

The whole secret of not gaining weight is, burn more than what you take in.  If you eat everything in moderation, you will not gain weight, unless you have an underlying medical condition.

Many teenagers do not have a problem with eating food any time of the day.  It will also not let them gain weight if they eat late at night.  If you eat your 3 meals throughout the day with a healthy snack in between, you will be fine, but if you eat all your food plus a lot of unhealthy snacks and take-away, you will gain weight, no matter what time you eat.


Do not believe the myth that if you skip breakfast (or any other meal) you will loose weight.  Yes, maybe for a day or two but you will just pick it up again.  Once you skip breakfast, you are more likely to snack on anything you can get your hands on later in the day.  People who eat breakfast will get their metabolism going and you will not get that hungry and will most probably eat more healthy.

So you exercise a lot?  So you can eat as much sugar as you like.  You will maybe not gain weight because you are naturally skinny or exercise a lot, but that does not mean that because your body looks good and healthy on the outside, it if healthy on the inside.  Too much sugary food can rot your teeth and harm your body.  You can also run out of energy since your body is not getting food from all the food groups.


I want some muscles, so I will just eat more protein.  The protein is not going to magically turn into muscles. You will still have to do the correct training for your body to use the protein to build muscles.  You also need enough carbohydrates for your body to use as energy, otherwise it will use the protein as energy.

You want to stay awake for longer or you want to perform better in a test, so lets drink an energy drink.  Big mistake... Tests have proved that drinking something high in caffeine while you are learning, will actually make you 'under perform' most likely.   The caffeine will keep you awake, but your brain will not 'take in' the information, because your brain needs sleep to perform at an optimal level.


Do not believe all the stories you read about food and drinks, but know that the following are true.  You have to eat food from all the food groups and drink enough water throughout the day to keep you hydrated and let you have lasting energy throughout the day. 



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