Are psychological tests necessary to hire teachers?

The subject that compels me to write today is born of the latent concern for a case that has arisen with my niece.


After much silence and incredible pressure that did not leave the girl alone, she finally decided to confess what had happened to her with natural science teacher.

I must warn that my niece is not aware of how strong, big and tall she is, if she had to associate her with a cartoon character she could be the bull Ferdinand. The truth is that my niece is a peaceful being, quiet, lover of peace, characteristics that make her forget how strong she is.

Surely you are wondering what relationship have the internal characteristics of a teenager with the need to ask for psychological tests when hiring teachers.

When you read the story of what happened you will understand why this.

Know the disturbing attitude of my niece's teacher

After several grades that did not correspond to my niece's academic record and an immense desire not to attend classes, she finally decided to tell about the physical and psychological mistreatment she had gone through with her recent substitute professor of natural sciences.

Unfair grades, evaluations with no chance to recover, screams, humiliations in front of all classmates, were the main characteristics of the substitute teacher.

Even a blow to the back had caused much confusion on the part of my niece, had never been a victim of similar things, had never thought that an adult was capable of lying to disqualify in front of everyone, never thought that the opportunities would not be the same for her, because simply her submission fed every day more the desire to devise new ways to minimize the safety of my niece.

  • What kind of teacher was he facing?

  • What kind of conflicts was that person going through?

  • The intervention of a specialist therapist will necessary to dispel what kind of disturbances were in the mind of that substitute teacher?

  • The managers and other staff of the institution had overlooked these disturbing characteristics?

To our surprise, the school counselor (who was informed of what happened) made more emphasis on lost time than on the solutions she would seek to face the attitude of the abusive teacher, so today I dare to make a proposal:

When the institution will must hire teachers, it must ask for a psychological test within its requirements.

If this kind of petitions were part of the insurance requirements, my niece would not have gone through the bad times that happened.

Psychological tests for teachers, a successful option

This kind of requirements are NOT part of the documentation to be submitted when you wish to apply for a teaching position in primary and secondary education. Maybe in other countries if they do, in the Latin countries this kind of requirements is not usual.

For parents and representatives, as well as for the staff of an institution, it would be an excellent measure to prevent traumatic conflicts in the case of the first and costly claims in the case of the second.

We know that as human beings we are not exempt from bad times, anger or sadness, but when working, this kind of situations should be left out of the classroom or out of the office (as the case may be).

Even we can not project the traumas or complexes learned from childhood, this is an internal and individual work of face human being, when we ignore this kind of problems the consequences come to light as we learned with my niece.

Definitely your teacher needs help from a specialist

¿ As parents, what should we do?

The first thing is to be alert to changes in the habitual behavior of our children.

If you are sure that your child has always gotten good grades and that their behavior is good, before falling into the temptation to do a problem for a low note or lack of cheer up of your child is better to be curious and explore the causes from this.

Maintaining communication is always good advice in any type of relationship, ¡communicate and be patient so that others communicate with you and express what you feel!

If you do not do it, you will only win an isolated child, remember that they usually feel a lot of confusion because they question what it will be good to say or do, you are the support they need! protect them and defend them! because abuse is never justified whether it comes from a teacher or any other authority.


I hope this post is useful to the community of educators, this is a case of real life, we have not yet managed to solve it. I will keep you informed.

Dedicated to the Steemiteducation community


No, a classic interview with the manager of the school is enough.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


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Hello friend, I am not a teacher but I am the father and husband of a teacher, and we have conversations of cases that occur in your school and in others from other sources. and my answer to your question is "yes". I have come to know of not a few teachers who have this type of behavior and unfortunately, continue in their positions damaging and marking students. Apparently for many directors this is a normal part of the process of growth and that students must know how to manage. Of course this is true until it happens to a relative of him. This is in the case of abusive treatment, but what about the sexual abuse of minors in schools? With a psychological teas you could detect trends like these and avoid many evils. Greetings.

Thank you for your comment. With what happened to my niece I concluded, like you, that if you need this kind of requirements, as you can see, there are many problems that can be avoided, in the case of my niece the teacher is very close to the director, which makes the case more difficult, because it is the word of the girl against the teacher and as I said in the post she did not want to tell for fear.

Gracias por tu comentario. Con lo que le sucedió a mi sobrina, llegué a la conclusión al igual que usted, que si se necesitan este tipo de requisitos, como bien dices hay muchos problemas que pueden evitarse, en el caso de mi sobrina, el profesor es muy cercano al director, lo que hace que el caso sea más difícil, porque es la palabra de la niña contra la del maestro y como dije en el post no quiso decir por miedo a represalías.

Ya les contaré en otro post el desenlace de esta amarga experiencia.

Si su esposa es maestra son muchos los aportes que puede hacer a la comunidad Steemiteducation, entusiasmela a escribir para esta comunidad o relatenos usted a través de su experiencia.

Buen post. En algunas universidades, si le hacen esta evaluación, pero algunos ya saben esquivar la evaluación psicológica.

Cierto! inclusive, cuando ofertan un concurso de credenciales y se hace el esfuerzo económico de hacerse una prueba psicológica con todas las de la ley muchas veces esto no rinde sus frutos porque simplemente el concurso ya está negociado. Es lamentable pero cierto esta situación.

What an awkward situation your niece went through @alanasteemit, I hope it has been solved for the good of the students. Truly, the students should pass the psychological test in order to deal with students, especially in the ages of these children, why crazy we are delivering the education of our children!

Si Zulay, es cierto!

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