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There is no substitute for having a friend in front of you, to be able to look into their eyes and interact within the physical world as you are taking in the complex sensory experience around you. On the other hand, technology allows us to connect with people far away, creating bonds that are just as real. We can touch each other’s lives by caring which is why I encourage people to blog about their lives as it allows us to connect in a greater capacity.

When the people around you don’t understand what you are going through because you are different or because your problems are very specific, online friends can come together with a kind of support you would not see without the internet. Seeking a relationship online takes courage all on its own but to seek friendship online without expectations feels extremely special to me. With romance comes a sense of yearning but with friends, you make yourself available as you are which generally allows for an equal footing and all the differences in the world.

With any friendship there will eventually be common ground to build from. We are bloggers and writers who have made our dwelling here on the Steem blockchain. We would be moved by each other’s words, our mutual observations from one side of the ocean to another. It is in our nature to want to immerse ourselves in our friend’s ideas, their tones, the way they relate to the human experience itself.

Labels like virtual friends or friends in real life exist to help us make sense of the world around us but when they are used to hierarchize and judge friendships, they are useful no more. By comparing the two, you can find out about your needs for one or the other type of interactions but love is love wether it includes eye contact or it be from across two screens.

Take @chelsea88 for example, I do not hold her in high regards because I feel like I would be too weak without her. I want to celebrate her loyalty and ability to be genuine (AKA woke) because together we are stronger, the motivation is entirely different. I like her because I have a penchant for building rather than destroying and so we can remind each other to take care of ourselves when it seems like the world would have us self-destruct. What I mean is that we are the exception, us who only use destructive force when necessary. We need to remind each other how worthwhile we are just to counter the bitterness we encounter at times; trying to make the world a better place. More importantly, to counter mainstream culture which would have you believe that a car is more important than a child or that you shouldn’t take selfies if you don’t have perfect teeth.

For example, she has helped me tremendously by reminding me that I need space. That I can’t let other’s energy enter my aura whenever. When I told her my partner and I had our own bedrooms she understood immediately even though that is not the “normal way”. Perhaps I have recently helped her in more crisis that she did I but I argue that without her, there is no telling what deep ravines I would have fallen into. Our very lives exist in a precarious state and in such a healthy friendship, I am helping myself whenever I help her. Together, we can contemplate less fortunate scenarios in order to be in the best position to steer our boat clear of perilous shores. This way, the troubles of one can be a lesson to the other so we do not have to make the same mistakes.

We can also revel in each other’s success. Our heart becomes lighter from each other’s happy developments like a ballon lifting up gently in the sky, carried by the winds.

Lastly, great content is born from such a deep connection as I share with her. We can bounce ideas back and forth and the funniest part is to talk about all the articles we’ll never actually write!

Don’t be afraid to open your heart to others. Don’t let the money factor of cryptocurrency get in the way of the beautiful connections you can make on Steemit. Embrace yourself as you are because that is exactly enough and people will gravitate towards you no matter what.

I am writing this as a response to a recent post of @chelsea88’s. I made a video on the topic with my sister in law over the summer. She is very shy so I promised that I would keep this content away from Facebook but she was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you all. Let me know what you think!

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i don't like to categorize either!
i feel like if you spend enough time online (video chats?) it can be just as real, or sometimes even better 😃
you're transcending physical location, so i think as internet and infrastructure improves it's only gonna have more and more potential!


It’s awesome to get your insight, we should make a video together on a topic like this!


oh yes definitely! video chat! discord! 😄👍

Oh wow. This is truly lovely... you've resonated with me and lifted me UP so many times. Its so rare to find you. I feel emotionally happy i have a lot more to say but imma let it resonate. Love you!!


Love you too!