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I have always yearned for love and respect especially coming from a broken place, "i know what it feels like to loose yourself trying to love someone and now that i have found d courage to stand up for myself I'm not about to let anyone treat me any less that i am i told myself looking in the mirrow". Its been 6months since i met this amazing guy that respect the very essence of my being yet i second guess his every gesture of love, could this be because of the baggages i have been carrying from my past? but David has been the most patient and understanding guy i have known, though i have a temper, get an attitude unnecessarily and have loads of excesses that doesnt augur well with him, he has a way of speaking softly and correct me with love, i realize my mistakes and apologize, he makes me wanna do better, and love harder regardless. If that isnt love and respect i dont know what it is.


Thank you for your great story. Sounds like you have found an amazing guy.

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