SteemitBoard - Website has a been revamped with a brand new look.

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It has been several months that your favorite site for awards has been created. It is now time refresh it a bit.

The Steemitboard website has a been revamped with a brand new look.

SteemitBoard is proud to present its new website with a more colorful, more refined design. Some new features have been integrated in order to give you a more pleasant visual experience.

A new presentation for the various levels of evolution

The level pictures for the accounts have been completely redesigned.

The differents levels in details
StatusYou own
Red Fishbetween 0 and 999999 VESTS
Minnowbetween 1000000 and 9999999 VESTS
Dolphinbetween 10000000 and 99999999 VESTS
Orcabetween 100000000 and 999999999 VESTS
Whalemore than 1000000000 VESTS

Do you want to know how many VESTS you have? That’s really easy!
Go to your board and the amount of VESTS you own will now be displayed in the banner under your level’s picture:

Beware of the dead fish - Better to stay active!

The ocean is merciless and a moment of slackening can be fatal.

If you become inactive for more than 30 days (previously 7 days), SteemitBoard will transform you immediately into the dead fish, regardless of your current status!

Inactive, for SteemitBoard it means that:

  • you have not published any post
  • you have not written any comment
  • you have not made any vote

Fortunately, this condition is not irreversible, and SteemitBoard can bring you back to life instantly.

Perform any of the three operation described above, and you will come back alive.

Level related and colorful award page

Each user will have now a board painted with colors in relation to its level

Here are a some examples of the other levels

The best way to get accustomed with the new look is to visit SteemitBoard and have a look at your own page.

Easily find others' accounts with name suggestion

A new search popup has been added to the welcome page. As soon as you will type some letter, the popup will show you the first 5 matching names, if any.

The search popup is also available on any user board to allow you to quick jump to another user’s board.

New features coming

This sleek design will allow us to developed new functionality more quickly . These one will be available very soon. Time to subscribe to @goloboard to stay aware.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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I love the new feature!

Will they know that there is redfish alive?

Thinking a minnow already then hate to be a minnow!

#redfish unite
#redfishcoin for redfish tag users!

Very good information

nice post steemitboard

I love the new look. I learnt something though, I was convinced I was a Minnow. Seems i'm still a Red Fish.

How do you gain vests? If I understand correctly, as Vest is (not the attire) a fraction of SBD? So 0.01 is one vest? Or is 0.0001 a vest?

The site of the new update is very beautiful. New ideas are good.

Very good! I look different there and I like it :)

Thanks for supporting me @steemitboard

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Please help me bro

up vote me for up vote back

Thank you for sharing but I have an understanding why my fish does not have any flesh. So I have got to try harder.

Checked just now
Look so great
Thanks for gret work

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