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RE: Saint Nicholas challenge for good boys and girls

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Hahahahahaha i forgot to tag you! Good thing you are my number one fanatic! 🤣😂🤣😂

Omg! Another iphone????! I havent even hold one and yet you get another?? Hahahahahaha you are soooooo crazy! You should have ask a TICKET TO GET HOME! 😛😜🤣😂

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Haha i did say to make my Christmas be merry!! That’s to go home and spend the holidays over there!!!!!! Hahaha santa can read my heart!!! Hahaha and yup you forgot to tag me!l but GINA never fails hahahahahhahahaha thats why I saw your comment right away!!!! And yes another IPhone hahahahahhaa

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Hahahahaha oh gina gina gina! You always saves our memory lapses! 🤣😂

Hahahahahahha sometimes you ahve to say and shout it to santa what you really want cuz santa might be overwhelm to check your heart. He knows you love and want so many things! He might not be able to choose which one is the closest thing you really wanted.. 🤣😂

Please throw your old iPhobe here and ill gladly catch it! Hahahahahahaha come on im waiting!

Ateeeeee @dreemsteem looks who is here!! 🤣😂

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Nyahahaha lelouch likes my iPhone so much!! I believe in Santa that he can do better hahahahaha

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I like iphone too but i cannot afford one hahahahahaha 🤣😂🤣😂

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You think i can afford it??? Haha iphone x is worth a ticket to go home hahahahahahahs

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Ooohhhhh.. hahahahaha atleast you still own an iphone! Hahahahahahahahaha

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