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RE: Saint Nicholas challenge for good boys and girls

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Hahahahahaha this is sooooooo cute.. 😍 oh santa deary! You know how to make us smile..

Hmmmmmm... i cant think of anything funny right now. But since you asked, I just want 6 packs of Mi Goreng Mukbang Noodles! 🤣😂🤣😂.. my happiness is beyond cloud nine!

I have always dreem of eating one but its not available here in my country. I am curious how good it tastes! Arrrgghhh.. i am drooling and craving for years. 😣😥

Santa I have been really a good girl..swear! 😇😇😇

Tagging my WW Family! ❤
@dreemsteem @bluefinstudios @saffisara @eveningart @anutu @audreybits @mimismartypants @youhavewings @priyanarc @ravijojla @xcountytravelers @victorholyo @oneofsteem

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Good girl ... here your six pack @maruqmali!

Be careful, a lot of calories in there!
Enjoy Saint Nicholas' day!

Nyahahahahahahahahaha you crack me up! @saint-nicolas 🤣😂🤣😂

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Is that the nuclear noodles??? Hahaha you can’t handle it!!!!

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Hahahahahaha i wanna try it that is why I am asking Santa! Or maybe you would want to send me the oacks yourself.. hahahaha just make it two flavors please one that is hot and the other not! Hahahahahahaha..

have you tried it?? Have you seen one in the dollar store?

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They sell it at the Asian store lololol hahaha nope I havent tried it. I can’t even handle the spicy ramen that they sell haha what more with the nuclear one!!! Just imagine tasting nothing but a burning tongue!!!! I’ve been buying the ramen ones cause you know whenever I’m watching kdrama they always eat noodles so I have to prepare myself hahahhaa by the way watch the meteor garden remake

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You are just the cutest ever sweetie 😙😊 and your comment made me smile Bigtime... Have no idea what kind of nudles that is but I hope you get your wish ❤️
Thank you for the tag my friend and I made a comment to just... Why am I so weard? 😂😂Hahaha
Ohh.. Wait... Don't answer that 🙈
Have a wonderful week beautiful and much love to you 🤗❤️🤗

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Hahahahahaha miss saffie!!!!!!!!

I miss you..😙😗😚😙😚

Hahahahahahahaha we are all i little weird sometimes and that still make us normal.. hahahahaha dont you worry you are not alone on it..

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haha laughing out loud... 😂😂😂 wish shanta will fulfill your wish soon.. hehe

Hahahahahaha thanks!

Have you made your wish yet??

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Congratulations @maquemali! You received a personal award!

Thank you for your participation in the Saint Nicholas' day challenge. Here is your new badge.

If you've been kind, Saint Nicholas will be coming soon to bring you another small gift.

Click here to view your Board of Honor

Wooooooohooooooooo! Thank you soooooooo much st nick!! I hope you'd bring me my noodles!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣

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