SteemitBoard - Update 6

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Introducing a newcomer in the Steemit family!

Newcomers to Steemit will now have their own shiny level and will will be able to easily differentiate themselves from others.

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Welcome to the starters

SteemitBoard has gain momentum since the activation of notifications. Especially to the numerous newcomers who discover Steemit and see their progress thanks to the awards they receive.

However, I have got feedback from some new users who find that the next level ("dolphin") looks a bit inaccessible.To upgrade your level, you need to accumulate a lot of Steem Power (VESTS) and it is not always obvious when you start. They fear their minnow experience will last forever ...

What about a more cozy environment

Before jumping into the vastness of the ocean and its competitive world, there's nothing like learning to swim with serenity.

SteemitBoard is glad to introduce the new “Red Fish” level

Protected by your secure environment, you will be helped and nurtured by some benefactors who will help you grow.

Once hardened to the rules of Steemit, you will break out of your jar and launch yourself at full speed towards new adventures.

How the new levels

StatusYou own
Red Fishbetween 0 and 999999 VESTS
Minnowbetween 1000000 and 9999999 VESTS
Dolphinbetween 10000000 and 99999999 VESTS
Orcabetween 100000000 and 999999999 VESTS
Whalemore than 1000000000 VESTS

Some of you might feel disappointed not to be a minnow anymore. I urge you to persevere. The next level is not very far and you will proud to show to all how much you are appreciated by your Stemians peers.

Thank you!

I would to thank you all for the enthusiastic reception and comments positifsque I get constantly about SteemitBoard.Unfortunately I do not have the time to respond to each. But, be aware that every comment is carefully read and appreciated.

Good luck and have fun!

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That's the spirit , @jdc. Do it right away without delay. I would be interested to know your results. STEEM ON!


please follow me and reward i'll do the same ...thanks!!!!


All I can think of this Cartman in the South Park episode where he's a ginger. Better red than dead better red than dead better red than dead.


please follow me and reward i'll do the same ...thanks!!!!

Great project @arcange!

Vote for you winness!

Thanks a lot. Very appreciated!


Да тут все свои!))

Nice post, @arcange! I'm still a minnow on a mission. I like the way you enumerated the different categories from red fish to whale. It is beginning to make sense to me how one progresses from one level to another in the steemit ecosystem. Just to let you know that I am one steemian, who always visist the steemboard page , at least once a day to understand where I am and aim for the next level. I like those virtual awards I see on the board. In fact, I wrote a post about it some days ago. Here, the link to my post . Thank you so much for the enlightenement. Upvoted and resteemed your post.

Nice work on making Steemit an even more inclusive community for everyone - especially those that are just starting out and need to feel included the most.


please follow me and reward i'll do the same ...thanks!!!!

And just like that I've been demoted to a red fish. I suppose that's better than a blowfish. ;-)


I suppose that's better than a blowfish. ;-)



Love the board and have adopted the footer on my future posts, ty @arcange


please follow me and reward i'll do the same ...thanks!!!!

This is cool I've always wondered where people were getting those banners in things. But yeah I'm a RED fish what's the best way to get more Steem power (VETSS)?


There are several ways to get more Steem Power:

  1. Publish high quality posts and get rewarded
  2. Invest your money, buy STEEM and Power up
  3. Ask your mom to transfer all the STEEM she has in her wallet to your own account. Before that, you have to tell her to register on Steemit and teach her how to publish good posts. It is the hardest way.

@arcange!!! How fun it is to receive awards that I didn't even know I was going for!! What a great idea to encourage and acknowledge commitment to Steemit. Upvoting and following you!

It is the peeps like you that realy make the Steemit platform user friendly. Love the word full support from @macstyly. Great work @arcange. Much appreciated.


Thanks a lot!! =)


Woo, cool! Appropriately extra clear as well.

There's a little issue with your numbers on that chart though. You are multiplying the figures by a factor of 1000. For example a whale has 1,000 MVests, not 1,000,000 MVests (that is in fact more MVests than exist in the network, I believe).


My bad with the numbers in the post. Fixed!
Thanks for notifying

devostating.. where is my fish!

why does my steemit board not show all my steem power and it only shows i have 47 posts how does it calculate my stuff


SteemitBoard makes a difference bewteen posts and comments. If you had both, you will get the same amount as the one displayed on Steemit, except if you have deleted some post.
Steemit still count deleted posts as if they were still existing. I really think it shouldn't.


good to know ,Thank you

MVESTS, how are they calculated and how do we get more? Thanks!


Vests are just the technical denomination for Steem Power. So you can get more Vests in all the ways you can get Steem Power.

I really like the idea behind this. Is there a quick way to display your achievements?

I noticed, quite sadly, that the ocean is filled with dead fish! What can we do to help encourage use?

I am running a Giveaway through one of my posts should anyone want to support me.

As long as red fish don't die from neglect like red shirts do -- I think we will be okay.

Thanks @arcange for the neat update. And tell your graphic genius @captaink I said thanks too.


Good question, @jimmyrai28! Visit to check for how much vests you have. Also visit . Sorry about my first response. A very warm welcome to steemit! Enjoy the ride and STEEM ON!





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great blog i just follow you cause i wanna read all your blogs again
excellent work this give me a clear view in how to work here


Thank you =)

🍒 Nice I'm a RedFish now, thanks for the distinction :D, your ideas are good and for that I will follow you ;)


Thank you !!


Still have no clue on what im doing. But i will continue on.


same here . I just started yesterday , :)


Welcome to Steemit @artwithflo I am following you :)


you're welcome :)


Me neither, but I keep at it. I can't even figure out how to get my pic in the circle lol. I'm guessing I'm a red fish.

I don't get this! I don'y get any of this!
Seriously, I don't.
I like and upvote posts I enjoy and resteemed one I found was excellent, but after that I'm totally in the steam about how any of this stuff works.
I must be getting old and out of my techie depth for cryptocurrency stuff and will ask my more tech savvy fiancee what the hell I'm doing here.
Anyway, i won an award so thank you very much. I feel all special and stuff but if I end up with a million Steem in my account I have not the slightest idea how to actually get it to somewhere I can spend it on beer and cheese.
We continue on for our next award I guess.
Love you all

upvote and resteem for you...

that's a great idea. I am also mentoring a few newbies/ #redfish as a dolphin and trying to become an orca hoping for support by some whales ( ._____.)

Many thanks!

hahah welcome to the red fishes :)

how do I use the footer how does it link in :)

KEEP them coming my friend...1 By 1.

i like it

Thank you

gamification. nice.

I like those virtual awards I see on the board,thank you!

Hello i'm bit confused, my english is not the best^^ Anyone want be my personal mentor?

Muchas gracias de corazon

Thank you so much. It's so much fun to be able to come over here and learn more new things. I love the fish names. Somehow I found a blog saying the names were: dust, newbe, user, superuser, hero, superhero, legend. Guess those are gone now. The fish names are so much better. Thanks again.

Loving it all.

Sounds cool I'm new to steemit and its exciting to see people super enthusiastic about this new technolgy!!!!!!

I want steemboard to post on my posts when I have an achievement

I just voted for you.

thank for the info :D

I am a proud Red fish lol .

I got it. I keep going on it.

thanks so mcuh

This is really cool and super helpful to someone new to the community. I was curious and could not find the answer but how did you create the widget at the bottom of your post for the footer? I have not been able to find anything on the site yet. Thanks!

I like the system and feel very good to get reard


Thank you for the recognition. I am new to Steemit and trying to get the hang of everything and this helped a bit...I voted for you!

What is the relationship between Vests to SP? Is 1 SP == 1 Vest or how do vets work?

wanna get all badges as soon as possible.
mission already started

Merci pour cet article
J'apprends beaucoup surSteemit grâce à vous :)

i'm also new here wish me luck and follow me and also upvote me

Hey all, please check out my first blog. Share the steem love and I will steem love you back!


Saaatnya meluncur.......

Follow me.

Think I'm a red fish haha! Lets work up the food chain ;)

Thanks for the information, good luck always

I like your post. Good post. Thanks.

please follow me and invite or enter me into group. because I'm new here

thanks steemit...
one with the now well known awards for standard achievements,
a new “Personal” tab holding your dedicated awards.

amigos disculpen soy de habla ispana me gusta su trabajo me gustaria estar con ustedes soy nuevo en steemit y no entiendo que es lo que tengo que hacer para participar con ustedes

I didn't knew I'm not even a minnow yet. 😅


I totally agree with you. I am the comer . Please stay with me... thank you

nice work

Cool work.

Please join the @labwork team and up vote,follow & resteem!!!

Up voting for all 😊