GRAVITY FIGHTERS - original science fiction story by @zen-art (Steemitbloggers Contest entry)

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There were no sounds to disrupt his dreams. Trevor was sleeping but his mind was never standing still, not even while his body was relaxed. His thoughts, so vivid in color, were taking him to places he's been wanting to visit for years. Ever since the incident, dreams were his only way of escaping the nightmare or being awake. His fight was still going on strong even though his body was not so cooperative anymore. There were other ways. There were other means of influencing what was left of normal people on this planet. They all needed to be educated. They all needed to realize the truth. Gravity Fighters had to be exterminated before it was too late.

CC0 licence, Unsplash, author: Piotr Wilk , adapted by me

Being a sergeant had its benefits. He was allowed extra food portions and people treated him with a decent amount of respect. Some of them were faking it but he was ok with it. There is no need for honesty, only obedience. People needed to fear him not love him but once in a blue moon came a feeling of loneliness. He would discard it immediately. Soldiers do not need company.

They only need a purpose...

Trevor had a purpose ever since his father was killed by a Gravity Fighter in the Fifth Truth War. It was traumatic to see his father's body being dropped from the sky and hear his final screams before his body hit the ground and painted it red. Trevor did not cry. Boys are not allowed to do that. He knew his tears would indicate emotion and that was long ago forbidden among the Ground Walkers. He just came up to his father's body, smiled, and recited Their words:

He was dreaming about it and enjoying his victories not being aware that somebody was watching. Somebody was always watching, taking notes, and monitoring his every move. In this harsh environment, that somebody needed to keep him safe and needed to keep him alive for there are big plans for this Ground Walker and a great future before him if he was willing to accept the responsibility that would soon be put in front of him. Picking the perfect moment was crucial and the time had come to put the plan into motion.

Trevor opened his mouth in horror when his brain realized that he woke up in mid-air above his bed. He froze and started trembling. How is this possible? he thought to himself. Ground Walkers were breeding Ground Walkers and Gravity Fighters were breeding Gravity Fighters. He was not supposed to have Their bones, something must have gone terribly wrong at the Facility when he was created. He had to think fast and get back to the ground before anyone notices. They would put him in the vacuum cubes just like the rest of the flying monsters. There was nothing worse that he could imagine than being at the same place as them and not being able to do anything. A single drop of sweat rolled from his forehead and fell on the mattress. It all happened in a couple of seconds.

Focusing came naturally to him. At the impact moment, his mind saw clearly and became aware of the force that pulled that drop down. He once again felt the gravity and crashed. It was like his observation of that drop falling made him normal again, made him himself again. He quickly got up and pushed the blue button on the wall. The bed immediately started changing its form. Electrons in the room rearranged themselves producing a buzzing low-frequency sound and what once was a bedroom now had a coffee table, big corner sofa next to the shells, and a picture with Their motto on the wall. That daily setting calmed him down a bit but not nearly enough. He was still frightened and confused. He was still puzzled by what had just happened and not ready to think about it especially with the headache starting. Headaches were cured two centuries ago, how was it possible that he was experiencing it?

"Hello little brother, having troubles with your head?" a gentle voice came from the corner of the room.

She was sitting with her legs crossed and floating a couple of feet in the air above the white furry carpet that Trevor got as a present for his ten-year service. To his surprise, she slowly uncrossed her legs and lowered them until her feet had touched the floor. She was now standing opposite of him, smiling at him and enjoying his confusion.

"How are you doing that? Gravity Fighters are not able to walk on ground." he asked her with hatred in his voice.

"And Ground Walkers are not able to float above their beds and yet I just saw you buoyancying like a Gravity Fighter."

"I would rather die than be called a Gravity Fighter." he said and picked the steel bar from its wall stand.

"That too can be arranged baby brother, if you choose so." she smiled and pulled the green knife from the strap on her thigh.

To be continued...
Or not...

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I hope you continue @zen-art.

Found your post at #steemitbloggers.


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I don't know, I will see if the story will want me to continue it, it is a difficult relationship between the words and the author :D

The story has got to a point where anything can happen; it is these points I like to get to to really start making some creative writing and take things to the extreme. Nice story, thanks for sharing...


Yes, I wanted to leave it like that and have many opportunities if and when I decide to continue it. It really can go many places. Thank you for your comment 💚

Ohhhh. I like it! Very nicely done, well written and smooth.

I REALLY hope this goes on. I love to read good fiction, and I am just not able to write it. Bravo.

In the end, it's always about gravity, isn't it?


I am glad you like it, I really enjoyed writing it and hope that inspiration will be there when I decide to continue 💚

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you 💚💚💚

Well written and I hope it does continue!


Thank you, I hope so too :)

Love his story and can't wait for more! #steemitbloggers


Thanks, that is nice to know 💚

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Oh yes, this is a good one lady, please do continue it on in the future. This has got to be in contention over at #steemitbloggers for the contest win in my opinion.


Oh thank you honey, you really made my day with this comment 💚

I'd like to see more of this. I like the concept you're working with, and the tongue-in-cheek style of writing is good too. Tell us more!



That is nice to hear. Since feedback so far has been positive, I think there will be a next part soon.

OOooh, VERY cool world you've created here!!! Awesome story.


Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the story 💚

wow I need to hear Part 2!!! I love how you crossed their paths and maybe the parents had some secrets unrevealed???? You are such a good fiction write besides you writing all of your motivational and scientific posts, @zen-art! :) I don't think there's anything you can't write about, really.


Hahaha, thank you for your sweet words honey. Part 2 is coming soon, in a day or two I think.

What's the backstory?
Loved this!!
Of course you've left me hanging like the Gravity Fighters.... floating above ground, wondering what's going on....
Wonder if you will continue this....
Thank you @zen-art :)


I probably will one day, soon I think ;)

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Thank you, your support is very much appreciated 💚