Tree Tuesday - Midtown Manhattan

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Midtown Manhattan is a business place. Retailers and offices, building after buildings, no wonder we call Manhattan a concrete jungle.

Today I want to talk about trees in midtown Manhattan. There are trees, no question about. The city did the best in planting and trying to keep the air fresh. You see the trees on sidewalks, in between the skyscrapers.

I don't know... but for me these trees look so fragile compared with the huge buildings... they almost look scared of those monster-buildings... they look timid, shy... my imagination is wild, isn't it?




I love this shot! Lots of people going towards Bryant Park, a green oasis in this concrete jungle. Empire State building in the background.

Look at those trees, they are so vibrant! They look happy to me, don't they? They are together, they are tall and strong. Bryant Park is beautiful and well taken care of. Lots of people sit there on the benches, under the shade of those beautiful trees. I will go there soon and show you more trees.



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Great shots, and I agree with you most of the tress in NYC look like there struggling especially the street side ones

Yes, they look anemic... poor things....

Indeed I said the same about one I shared the other day near the MSG

I think you innerstand & interpret the trees energy very well. Their feeling of struggle and being surrounded by those buildings and consistent overwhelming energy is palpable to me as well. Thank you for bring this into my awareness. I will certainly be focusing some vibes there way from now on <333 Also, great shots btw :)

I am so happy you feel the same. Send me some good vibes too, I am trying very hard to get a job in the city, with no success so far. ☹️

Absoulutely! Sending now and will continue to SiStar 🎆💝🎆👍 You've got this. The right opportunity is coming together and on its way to you 🙌🌿🌼💝

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Nice photography taking in the sights. Trees make the cold buildings in cities as least remind you of nature.

One bonus is big parks for people to escape into to find some form of sanity among the sky scrapers @starjewel

Visiting from #steemitbloggers

Of course. Trees remind us of nature and help us regain our sanity. Many people who work in surrounding buildings come out in their lunch breaks in the park. I used to do that too when I was working. 😊

If there were more trees in the city, it would be beneficial to help reduce air pollutants. In our cities I don't see much trees which is sad just seeing cold concrete and buildings. I love your shots by the way.

Thank you. I try to capture instantaneous shots. I am an amateur. 😊

I think I lot of major cities are becoming more aware of the need for trees within the CBD. The public seem to be demanding them more and the councils are responding. There is something really nice about being right in the middle of a major city, but feeling as if you've secluded yourself to some small oasis.

Yes, very true. Thank you fo sharing your thoughts. 😊

Really nice photos, @starjewel :) The building do seem to crowd out the spaces, but I'm glad there's still greeneries !! :D

Yes, there are a few parks and also the big Central Park, I didn’t get to share some pictures from there yet, it is kind of out of my way for now.

Great photos! And loving your imagination haha :)

Thank you 🙏Ohh... my imagination is always at work, kind of overreacting 🤣

It's good to have a safe zone for trees
Away from those big monster buildings ;)

Absolutely, I wish I could see some more trees.

I envy you but ina good way. Would like to have a walk there.

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FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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