Gloomy Day in New Jersey

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Gloomy day today in New Jersey, but I still went for a walk. As long as it doesn't rain, I'm up for outdoors strolling. I headed to the tracks, where people run or walk or play various sports. There are two large fields, a soccer and a baseball.


Nobody is running or walking now... well it is early afternoon... usually mornings are busy...


Lots of birds here. I see mostly pigeons, but I am sure I saw a few seagulls also. People come here with kids and they feed them. That's why there are so many. They are now picking up the leftovers...


This guy came really close to me and almost posed... He is so cute!



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Great. Also here in Italy there's a lot of birds like that

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Gia', piccioni non ce ne mancano eheh =]

It sure does look gloomy @starjewel the pigeons are quite a handful when they start to roost in homes nearby areas they are being fed in, hope you don't live too close!

We are having a cloudy day today, what a relief after the heat we recently experienced, summer arrives with vengance in the south....

I agree with you. In New York pigeons, squirrels and rats are in the same category. They do become a handful! This photo is a park in my neighborhood and these pigeons come here because people fed them. Sometimes too much, it’s becoming a problem. It’s summer in South Africa, you are soooo far away. Stay cool 😎 my friend!

Winter is coming here


I love that pidgeon looking at me! I prefer the sun and so we came down from our visit in wisconsin back to Colombia, and now we have sun every day in our tropical mountain!

At least some birds still stick around by you :)

I love sun too. And yeah, these birds stick around, they are everywhere. I live very close to New York City and here pigeons, squirrels and rats are very common.

doves? I think those are pigeons, my dear.

Pigeons yes... lol... sorry, I corrected it.

New Jersey is such a beauty, will be there next year

I love birds very nice photos!

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Nice photos dear. we just got first snow already. Too cold

so cool images . very fresh environment.

Great images!

nice screen!

very cool atmosphere. It is very good to have such parks in the communities.

Amazing pics, thanks for share ;)

I like these birds they are friendly

Nice photo!

cieramente los días sombríos y fríos no provoca salir de paseo pero también tiene su encanto.

Love enjoying nature when on out on a walk.

what a lovely image